Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XIV, No. 1, April 2008

‘In Search of Food’, Sudhir Khastagir

Placard, ‘Stalin Raised and Inspired Us to be Loyal to the People, to Labour and Perform Heroic Deeds’, Leonid Fedorovich Golovanov 1950
We Condemn the Immigration “Decree of Shame”, statement open for signatures (not in print edition)

Bail Application of Graziano Workers Rejected by Sessions Court, Anamika (not in print edition)

The Significance of the US Recession for India, N. Bhattacharyya

You Are Not What You Were, Ashok Mitra

The Silicosis Struggle Marches On, Update Collective

On the Education of Children in India, Janaki Rajan

The Next Step in Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai

The Beijing Olympics and the Question of Tibet, Vijay Singh

The Problems of Mass Organisations, V.B. Cherian

It Is Time We Met Again, International Trade Union Committee

The Fundamental Paths of Socio-Economic Development of Colonial India and the Class Roots of Gandhism, Y. Roslavlev

Gandhi – The Last Phase, Rajani Palme Dutt

What Marx Really Meant by Saying ‘From the Realm of Necessity’ ‘To the Realm of Freedom?’ Moni Guha

The Courts of Honour in the Soviet Union, Yuri Yemelianov

Stalin and the National Question, Pierre Vilar

Resolution of the First All-China Congress of Soviets on the Question of National Minorities in China, (November, 1931)

On Indo-Pakistan Relations (1951), CPI and CPSU(b)

The Revolutionary Programmes of British Communism, Lalkar

Stalin and the British Road to Socialism, Ray Jones

Critical Notes on the British Road to Socialism, Jim Rosenbaum

13th Plenum of the ICMLPO Successfully Held

Hail the 90th Anniversary of the Great Revolution of October, ICMLPO

On the 90th Anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution, Revolutionary Democracy

On the Release of Francisco Caraballo, ICMLPO

Greetings to the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), KPml

Cuba: We Demand Respect for the Cuban Revolution!, Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist)

Chile: Eduardo Artés, Communist Pre-Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action)

Norway: Communist Platform (Kpml) Convened, Revolusyon

Chad: Stop French Interference in Chad!, Communist Party of the Workers of France

Kosovo: Kosovo’s Parliament Proclaimed Independence, Communist Party of the Workers of France

Obituary: The Journey of Al-Hakim: 1925-2008, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Stop the Imperialist Escalation in the Caucasus, Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF) (not in print edition)

Communiqué of the Communist Party of the Workers of Tunisia (not in print edition)

The Final Declaration of the 4th International Trade Union Conference (not in print edition)


Chaos Instead of Music, Pravda (January 29, 1936)

To New Heights in Art (1953), Dmitri Shostakovich

Poems: On the 90th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Communist Party of Germany, FDGB

Stalin, Kaifi Azmi, Tr. fowpe sharma

Views expressed in signed articles are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Editorial Board.

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