We Demand Respect for the Cuban Revolution!

  1. The decision of the Commander in Chief and President of Cuba, Fidel Castro, to resign as highest leader of the Cuban people has raised a gigantic media campaign, accompanied by innumerable statements by political leaders of the different imperialist countries, as well as by certain intellectuals and cultural personalities in the pay of the imperialist governments. This campaign has as its objective to defame the Cuban institutions and its government in order to give a distorted and manipulated image of Cuba to world public opinion.

  2. Also, foreign interference by different imperialist governments, including Spain, have multiplied, constituting a violation and complete contempt for the sovereignty and independence of Cuba, with the objective of putting pressure on the internal politics of the island to try to influence Cuban declassed, petty-bourgeois or lumpen social sectors, identified with imperialism.

  3. The objective of this campaign is to base itself on the so-called ‘dissidents’ composed of small group paid by imperialism, and on the declassed social sectors, to impose the so-called ‘transition’ in Cuba. This so-called ‘transition’ is the smokescreen that hides the will of imperialism to determine and control the political, social and economic evolution of Cuba, with the objective of destroying its national independence and incorporating it into the world of neo-liberal globalisation as one more colony in the hands of U.S. imperialism.

  4. This new anti-Cuban campaign, planned and prepared beforehand, is taking place just after the Cuban people again gave an exemplary demonstration of true popular democracy, far from the false democracy of the imperialist countries, where the bourgeois political leaders are fighting to be the faithful servants of the oligarchy and imperialism in order to better exploit the working class and people. In Cuba, the people again gave their verdict in the recent parliamentary elections, in which more than 95% of the electorate participated and where their two main leaders, Raul Castro and Fidel Castro, were the candidates who obtained the greatest percentage of votes, 99.4% and 98.3% respectively.

  5. The Cuban people and their democratically elected leaders have clearly shown their firm decision to hold high the banners of independence and social progress, and to preserve their important social gains as well as their broad internationalist programme based on medical missions abroad, all of which constitute a ‘bad example’ for an imperialism based on wars and in the plunder of other countries.

  6. The PCE (m-l) shows its greatest respect for the revolutionary path of Fidel Castro, which has made a small country into the beacon of anti-imperialism and freedom in Latin America. The PCE (m-l) will continue its internationalist support of the Cuban Revolution and its defence of the right of the Cuban people to freely choose their road confronted with the attempts at domination by imperialism.

Executive Committee,
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist),
Madrid, February 21, 2008.


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