To the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
From Communist Platform – Marxists-Leninists (Kpml)

We congratulate our comrades in Nepal on your great successes in the recent elections and the important part such a victory will play in carrying on the people’s war and the Nepalese revolution!

KPml is a party-founding initiative formed after the liquidation of AKP (Worker’s Communist Party) and subsequent formation of the reformist ‘Red’. KPml consists of communists from both the Norwegian Maoist tradition and comrades from the Hoxhaist tradition, and our work for communist unity has just started. We are therefore happy to learn from your progress.

You have shown the way forward for Nepal, and you are a shining example for people all over the world. To bring Nepal out of the feudal age is no easy task, even we here in Norway understand that intuitively, and the work ahead will be hard and will present challenges of all sorts. We wish you all possible luck in your struggle for a socialist Nepal!

Coordination Committee of the Communist Platform – Marxists-Leninists

May, 2008

Best regards,

Kjell Arnestad
Spokesperson for KPml

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