Kaifi Azmi

Bravo! Comrade Stalin, bravo!
You cut down tyrants to size, you they could not match.

The tyrants are spewing out blood,
Which kind of poison did you dispatch?
Nazism has lost its guts.
Their vigour, from their jowl you could snatch,
You put a yoke around their neck, after you had made the catch.

Bravo! Comrade Stalin, bravo!
Your durability one can behold.

Passion, freedom, resolve, bravery,
Thus is the story of your life told.
Victory embraces your feet,
Liberation in your hands you hold.
You wear the crown of revolution on your head,
The spirit of construction is there for you to mould.

Bravo! Comrade Stalin, bravo!
No hero on the earth like you do we know.

For those who thirst for blood, war
Not a single furrow on your brow,
Deceit splashed so much dirt,
No stain does your sleeve show.
Bravo! Comrade Stalin, bravo!
The boldness of emblems bow down to you, with eyes downcast.

All our hopes are centred on you,
Conflicts in the world are a thing of the past.
Earthquakes lie exhausted at your feet,
Panic stricken is every wind-blast
Progress is happy because of your strength,
A successful life lies in front of us at last.

Bravo! Comrade Stalin, bravo!
You are the defender of humanity.

Translated from the Urdu by fowpe sharma

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