Stop French Interference in Chad!

Communist Party of the Workers of France

Once again, French authorities and the 1,450 men of the unit ‘Sparrow Hawk’ have come to the rescue of the Chadian dictator, Idriss Déby.
One must have cheek to claim, as did the Minister of Defense, that ‘France is neutral’ in this new war. In 2006, there were bombardments by French airplanes, deployed in Chad, which had prevented the regime of Déby from being overthrown. Today, the Mirages were ‘put aside’, in a neighbouring country, but this does not mean that the French military is remaining idle. Just by their presence, they continue to protect a regime that is only maintained by force. Tomorrow, we may learn that the French military participated actively in the fight that has caused very many civilian victims.

A new black page in the history of French Africa is being written.

Contrary to what the French authority’s claim, this neo-colonial policy of supporting reactionary regimes that agree, in return, to sell off the wealth of their country, is not over! It may be that Sarkozy will end up giving up Déby, but French imperialism does not want to give up Chad, a key country for its military forces in Africa.

What is the Eufor [European Union Force] going to defend?

It is in Chad and the Central African Republic that Sarkozy and Kouchner want to deploy a strong European military force of 3700 men, directly involving fourteen countries. ‘This operation is an excellent demonstration of the European defence that has to be built. And no one can refuse to make their financial contributions. On the contrary, the agreed upon efforts have surpassed our expectations,’ Kouchner congratulated himself before the parliamentary representatives. But what will this European force ‘defend’?

Officially, it is to protect the ‘refugees and the displaced people’ of the two countries. But how can one fail to see that the military and political interference destined to assert the presence of the European Union in a strategic region, has become the field for a struggle for influence among Europe, the USA and China, based on control of the oil resources, especially those of Doba [city in southern Chad – translator’s note], and those still untapped resources (uranium).

The defence of the ‘vital interests’ of the EU is one of the tasks assigned to the European Defence in the Lisbon treaty. That means that the European imperialist powers intend to make all of the countries of the EU participate in the defence of their interests, their promoted vital interests of the EU.

Together with the people of Chad, we say: French Troops, Out Of Chad!

Together with the peoples of Africa, we say: French Troops, Out Of Africa!

Dismantle the French Bases!

And together with the peoples of Europe who do not want a policy of military intervention, we say: No to the Eufor!

French Africa has lasted too long; Solidarity with the peoples of Africa!

Paris, February 3, 2008

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