Communist Platform (KPml) Has Recently Convened Its First Annual Assembly and Elected a New Leadership.

KPml came into being in March 2007 as a response to the liquidation of the last remnants resembling a communist party organisation in Norway, and the merger of this party (AKP) with the electoral alliance RV into a leftist reformist party project, named ‘Rødt’ (Red).

KPml is the sole new initiative that has evolved following the disintegration of the Norwegian party that, in spite of serious errors and shortcomings, still had some resemblance to a party of communist type. Clearly aspiring for a new working class party, KPml has summoned communists originating from the AKP, (the communist student organization) NKS, (the Marxist-Leninist group) Revolusjon and (AKP’s former youth organisation) RU to join their forces in order to prepare the conditions for the reconstruction of a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party. We are aware of the fact that this is a process full of challenges that demands adherence to principles as well as patience.

In the year that has passed, we have shown will and ability to develop the basis on which to build communist organisation and unity. KPml has arranged a successful seminar on the question of party organisation and the struggle against revisionism, and we have through a public meeting and in other ways paid tribute to the 90th anniversary of the socialist October revolution, an event that was bypassed in silence by the Norwegian ‘left’.

The need of a communist party that can mobilise the most advanced sections of the working class to put the problem of revolution and socialist Norway on the agenda, has not diminished; on the contrary, it is now more of a necessity than ever. As it is stated in the political report unanimously adopted by the convention:

‘Present-day imperialism sustains and escalates the characteristics given by Lenin. It has become even more aggressive and reactionary than before. In addition, the globalised imperialist way of production and the imperialist world market is a direct cause of the awaiting ecological and environmental disasters that are tearing away natural resources, leaving vast areas uninhabitable and making millions of people refugees. (…) In a situation where the revolutionary and progressive forces are in need of clear thought and leadership, the whole ‘left’ has fallen flat, with nothing to offer other than a reformed and more ‘considerate’ capitalism of old Social-Democratic brand.’

The first assembly of KPml could summarise solid progress in the development of political and ideological unity, resulting from extensive collective studies and common practice in new fields. The organisation has taken important steps in regard to strengthening the propaganda work, theoretical studies, organisational tasks of construction and active participation in the class struggle and in the struggle against imperialism and war.

The report from the coordination committee and the adopted plan of work, puts forward a number of targets and work fields of priority for the period to come. The convention decided to strengthen relations with the parties and organisations of the international Marxist-Leninist movement. Statements were passed concerning the forthcoming trade union tariff negotiations and the pensions issue, as well as on the role of Norway and NATO as war criminals in Afghanistan.

A new coordination committee was elected. Comrade Kjell Arnestad will proceed as spokesperson.

Communist Platform
February 2008

Nettmagasinet Revolusjon, 1st March 2008

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