Revolutionary Democracy

Volume 2, No. 1 (New Series) April, 2023


Chittaprosad, Untitled, Brush, pen and ink on paper, December 1951

Ramkotesh Kamepalli (1954-2022) Naeem Qureshi (1952-2022)
Protecting Civil Rights of Lawyers Under Conditions of Hooligan Raj, Padam Kumar

The BJP Government’s Budget 2023-24, NTUI

‘Revdi’ Culture, Political Economy of ‘Freebies’, K.B. Saxena

The Significance of the 30th Anniversary of the Dissolution of the Soviet Union, Raul Martinez

A Marxist Position regarding Russian Imperialism, Georgian Communists

Putin and Soviet Symbolism, Scintilla

What Does a Multipolar World Mean, Towards Marxist Leninist Unity

“Multilateralism”, a Key Instrument of Chinese Imperialism’s Foreign Policy, Communist Platform, Italy

Struggle against Warmongering in the Balkans, Revolutionary Alliance of Labour, Serbia

Obituary and Tributes: Ramkotesh Kamepalli (1954-2022)
Tributes: Naeem Qureshi (1952-2022)

Book Review: A Study of Women Farmers under Kudumbashree Collective Farming in Kerala, K.B. Saxena

Condemn the Attack on Burji Anti-Camp Protestors, Bijapur, Forum Against Corporatization and Militarization

Stop the Genocidal Attack by the Indian State against its Own People, CDRO

On Corruption in the Post War Soviet Union, Letter of P. Golub to I.V. Stalin, (30 July 1946) (21 p.) Intro only

On the New Letter of Yaroshenko, (10th January 1953), I.V. Stalin (5 p.) Preface only

Late Soviet Evaluations of Baran, Sweezy and Bettelheim, Ekonomicheskaya Entsiklopedia

The Use of Identity Politics to Undermine the Left, Anna Coco

Down with the Parliamentary Coup d’État, Communist Party of Peru (ML)

We Are for a Socialist Homeland Where the Working Class, the Poor Peasantry and the Peoples of Peru Can Realize Their Class Aspirations, Communist Party of Peru (ML)

Statement on Recent Events in Iran, Toufan

No to Chauvinist Provocations and Warmongers in the Balkans! Statement of European Parties of the ICMLPO

Nazim Hikmet: When the Poet Is Communist, Aydın Çubukçu

Poem: Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, Yiannis Rits

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