We Are for a Socialist Homeland Where the Working Class,
the Poor Peasantry and the Peoples of Peru Can Realize
Their Class Aspirations.

December 27, 2022

Communist Party of Peru (ML)

We Marxist-Leninist communists and revolutionaries of the world defend to the last consequences the right to self-determination of the peoples, but just as the people have their right to self-determination, the proletariat also has the right to establish its system, Scientific Socialism, wherever it is. We provide this preamble because a current has appeared in the popular organizations of “Southern Peru”, which want to promote a process of independence in the regions that have currently shown greater combativeness in confronting the usurper government of Dina Boluarte, the coup Congress of the Republic and its civilian-military dictatorship. They are responsible, together with the Armed Forces and Police, for more than 28 civilian deaths in the protests against their attempt to seize the Executive Power, together with their allies of the parasitic bourgeoisie of Peru and US imperialism, mainly.

Apurimac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cusco, Huancavelica, Madre de Dios, Moquegua, Puno and Tacna, would be the regions that form this “new republic”, given the permanent violation of rights from Lima’s centralism, which attacks with racism, fascism, discrimination and embezzlement of resources, which gives crumbs and marginalizes the regions where extractive projects for gold, silver, copper, gas, lithium, among others are carried out; which were also imposed through concessions that permanently violate the possibility of the progress of the peoples throughout the country.

The Congress of the Republic, filled with the most rancid reaction and social democracy and presided over by someone accused of crimes against humanity such as José Williams Zapata, carried out a coup d’état to remove Pedro Castillo from the government, who came from a rural background and who was carried to the presidency by the desire for change that exists and the push of popular organizations. The South has played a leading role; it feels that a president has been taken away, in  addition to having restricted the right to referendum so that the people could intervene in the political development of the country. Elections were called without consultation to a Constituent Assembly; these are arguments that from its point of view justify the desire for separation of the regions of “Southern Peru”. As an organized party of the working class and its ally the poor peasantry, we state our position, so that adventurous decisions do not have negative impacts on the development of the popular movement, nor distract the people from the central problem of power, nor damage their fabric of organic resistance.

1. The independence of the South must be illuminated not only by desires for revenge or by a plan to consolidate a project for the country and a new political, economic and social system that conflicts with the foundations of the country that it renounced. The “South” does not propose the establishment of Scientific Socialism and its leaders are not going to build the Workers’ Homeland, so the danger of a war of secession to preserve capitalism in the “South” or to rely on one imperialist bloc hungry to take away our natural resources is not justified.

2. There is a lot of talk about the income from the canon [the share that local governments receive from extraction of natural resources – translator’s note] and other extractive royalties that Lima appropriates and that it is time to recover them. However, it does not listen to the desire of the peasant and native communities who demand the cancellation of extractive concessions and who are not willing to be soiled by being petty cash for any project of consolidation of reaction or separatism, nor to fatten any new bourgeoisie or regional bureaucracy, nor to sell themselves to any imperialist power by sacrificing their agricultural production and sovereignty.

3. The “South” has shown that it can put presidents into government, that it has the capacity to mobilize and that it has allies in the workers of the centre and the north of the country, with peoples who continue in the struggle. Together with them real transformations can be promoted in our homeland; so that their capacity to create change cannot be diminished, nor can they accept to leave a single centimeter of Peru to the exploiters and fascists. If we want an emancipated and free people, the reactionaries must leave; the peoples, the working class, the poor peasantry, their organizations and the Party can take up a new government that builds Scientific Socialism.

4. The declaration of independence for a part of Peru the whole country puts in danger of war, in which it will be the children of the working class and poor peasantry who die so that the bourgeoisie and imperialism continue to feast on our resources. In place of a declaration of war of secession we propose a declaration of revolutionary war of national and social liberation. If the current capitalist system is not replaced by Scientific Socialism, any danger of war is unjustified. The only war that is justified is that of the whole people against the exploiters and fascists, in which Marxist-Leninist communists are in the front line of combat without ever giving up our historical mission.

5. In the face of the desire for change of the “South”, we propose the struggle for a Democratic Popular and Federative Republic, composed of macro-regions with relative independence in government, economics, legislature and judiciary with respect to the Central State. In the current circumstances that can be established with popular pressure and the achievement of the calling of a Sovereign and Popular Constituent Assembly, where the peoples, nations and cultures that make up Peru are recognized.

Just as the people have their right to self-determination, the working class has its right to establish its system wherever it is!

Long live the struggle of the working class and the people for national and social liberation!
For a Democratic, Popular and Federative Republic and Socialism!
We will not lower our arms until they all go and a Constituent Assembly is called!

Nilo Candela
Secretary General
For the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Peruvian Communist Party (M-L)

December 27, 2022.

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