Ramkotesh Kamepalli

(20th January 1954 – 18th December 2022)

The Editorial Board of Revolutionary Democracy deeply condoles the untimely death from cancer of Comrade Ramkotesh Kamepalli. Coming from a family from Andhra Pradesh which produced many famous communist revolutionaries, ‘Comrade Kotesh’, as he was known, came to communism in his student days in Hindu College, Guntur in 1969, and later, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. He was active in the communist movement, adopting communist revolutionary positions, from his student days in the University of Delhi. He was a member the Editorial Board of Socialist Albania, the journal of the India-Albania Friendship Society and was associated with the journal Proletarian Path (2nd Series) edited by Moni Guha and others. He returned to Andhra Pradesh in the 1980s to take up assignments teaching English Literature in colleges. He was active in teacher’s union politics. He retired some years ago and took up the cause of popularizing Marxist Leninist literature in Andhra Pradesh by translation into Telugu and circulation of important works.

He was on the Editorial Board of the journal Revolutionary Democracy and was actively associated with the Stalin Society, India. On the occasion of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in 2017, he organised a day long lecture and discussion on the revolution; further he was instrumental in organising in association with the Stalin Society, India, a two day international seminar also in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Delegates from across the country and the neighbourhood remember with fondness his warmth and hospitality during the seminar days. He was active in social media and attended online meetings even during his prolonged illness.

The journal Revolutionary Democracy condoles the loss of a clear headed upholder of Marxist Leninist theory and practice and a humane comrade and expresses solidarity with his family at this time of grief.

A condolence meeting was held by the family in Guntur on the 28th of December. Communist revolutionaries of various trends spoke on the contribution of the comrade to the cause of people’s democracy.

Comrade Kotesh is survived by his wife, son and daughter.

Comrade Kotesh Amar Rahe!

Comrade Kotesh Lal Salaam!

Revolutionary Democracy
28th December 2022.

Tributes to Ramkotesh Kamepalli

A meeting in memory of late comrade Ramkotesh was held on 28th of December 2022 at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

Com. Masyiang, a long term friend, and a committed Marxist-Leninist convened the meeting. He shared memories of his friendship with Kotesh and narrated his experiences. Com. CSR Prasad, member of the Revolutionary Writers Association brought to light the innate strength of Com. Kotesh. He also recalled the commitment of Kotesh towards Marxism-Leninism. Com. N. Rukmini of the RWA narrated her experiences with Com. Kotesh while working in the civil liberties movement. She also narrated how they as members of various fact-finding committees toured various places, and paid rich tributes to him.

Com. Sambasiva Rao, retired Librarian of National Library, Calcutta paid rich tributes to com. Kotesh. He was classmate of Kotesh both at Guntur and Delhi. He was sent by his family to Delhi University to become an IAS officer. But Kotesh, because of the influence of his teachers returned to Guntur as an ardent follower of Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism. Mr Rao said that Com Kotesh never poked his nose in unnecessary polemics but throughout his life propagated and practiced his cherished ideals.

Kamepalli Ram Kotesh was a left intellectual. He hails from Narasayapalem village in Guntur district. Andhra. This village was in the forefront of many progressive movements. His father Kamepally Venkataramaiah got the award of freedom fighter.

The village was a shelter to the cadre and leaders of the banned Communist Party during the police repression and it faced a number of criminal cases. The villagers named their children, STALIN, Kalpana Datt, Jhansi Rani, Mao Tse Tung, Joshi, Ranadive, Russya Rao, Swarajyam etc. He went to Delhi for IAS training and was returned a well-trained Marxist. As per Ram Kotesh, this credit goes to comrades at Delhi. He became an ardent supporter of Enver Hoxha of Albania, in the international communist debate. He alone organised a lecture on the centenary of the Great October Revolution of the USSR and efficiently conducted a two-day international seminar on the same theme under the auspices of the Stalin Society, India, in Guntur. He participated in every left meeting and translated many speeches of leaders from English to Telugu. The demise of Left intellectual Ram Kotesh is a great loss to the left movement in this area.

Dr. Kolla Rajamohan, Nallamada Rythu Sangham.

Dear friends and comrades,

On the very outset I convey my sincere thanks to Comrades from Delhi present here who transformed Com Ramkotesh, a raw stone, as an ever-shining diamond, a committed communist. A Hindi proverb says guru remained as gud (jaggery) and Shishya (disciple) became sugar. But these two gurus remained as Shrestha gurus i.e., sugar and continued as good teachers, educated many to change the society. Inspired by these, our Com Ramkotesh also became guru i.e., lecturer. Our acquaintance with Com Ramkotesh has been for the past 8 / 10 years. He used to attend all the meetings of progressive organisations. We both, I and my wife, also had been doing the same. He was very polite towards women. He was attending all the meetings, physical and zoom, of the All India Progressive Forum. We frequently used to discuss the societal crises. He used to sell periodicals of his organization. He was supplying some rare books for reading. He was leading a simple way of living. He was using bicycle for local conveyance.

On the death of a person, even if he / she is of 96 years old, we often say that we are put to great loss by the sudden demise of that person and that we would carry forward his / her ideals. But conveniently forget that person very soon. Com Ramkotesh, 64 / 66 years old, is young, more so mentally. Really the society more so the Marxist society is put to immense loss by the death of Com. Ramkotesh. Let us all forget our differences of our paths to achieve Marxist goals. Let us aim only the communist goals to be achieved. Today we are in a worst political situation. Religiosity, Neo-Nazism and Capitalist Fascism are imposed on the society. Let us unite and struggle in all the ways from all the fronts to change this political set up. That shall be the correct and actual tribute to Com. Ramkotesh. I on my personal behalf and on behalf of All India Progressive Forum, assure our tireless efforts in carrying forward the ideals of Com Ramkotesh to change the society.

We are aware of persons of two births. The upper caste people are notified as such. I say about two deaths of a person. First death is physical disappearance from this earth. The second death occurs in the moment he is forgotten. Let us not bring this second death to Com Ramkotesh.

I thank the organizers of this meeting for giving me this opportunity.

S. Hanumantha Reddy,
General Secretary Andhra Pradesh Unit,
National Secretary, All India Progressive Forum

Camred Kotesh did not desire a luxurious life. He desired a meaningful life. A meaningful life means  striving for a better life for the poor, needy and working class. He was committed to Marxism and Leninism and strived and stood for it till the end.

Johar comred Ram Kotesh Johar Johar!

NV Narasimha Rao,
Civil Liberties Committee, AP, Guntur

Revolutionary Johar to comred Ramkotesh!

Leader of Stalin Society of India, prominent Marxist-Leninist thinker, Comrade Kamepalli Ramakotesh Memorial meeting was held at Surya Devra Kalyana Mandapam, Navbharat Nagar Guntur on 2812-2022. In this meeting, The Secretary of Andhra Pradesh State Committee of CPI (ML) Red Star, Comrade Kollipara Venkateswara Rao said that he has been associated with Comrade Ramakotesh. He was a Marxist from the days of being a student at Delhi. He was attracted to the Marxist-Leninist theory and described as devoted to the Marxist-Leninist movement since then. He participated in many movements. He explained that even while working he used to participate in the Stalin Society, India. Similarly, he persistently participated in many oppressed people’s movements and he believed that Marxist theory was the solution for the liberation of humanity. He translated the lectures of CPI (ML) Red Star leaders also, translated on several occasions. Kollipara Venkateswara Rao paid him tributes and stated, his death would be a blow to the revolutionary movement.

CPI (ML) Red Star Polit Bureau member Comrade Mannava Hariprasad said that he has known Comrade Rama Kotesh for more than three decades. Similarly, those who opposed the revisionist ideology in India were positive towards the Marxist-Leninist movements. Similarly he described those who were in constant contact with Marxist-Leninist ranks. Johar was paid that he was a great Marxist thinker.

First of all, I convey my sincere condolences to the family members of Comrade Ramkotesh on his untimely demise. It is a great shock to the progressive and democratic forces. Our introduction to Comrade Kotesh took place in the process of the progressive and democratic forces and its activities in Guntur. As to my knowledge with a short period of association he was a dedicated comrade and sincere comrade and stuck to his ideology firmly. I observed he is in depth in his knowledge and worked hard to learn a vast amount in different aspects of society. He believed in Marxism and Leninism and his commitment to the Stalin Society and the journal Revolutionary Democracy is unquestionable. He is a true person who spread its activities in this area. He actively participated in all activities of the Comrade P. Purushottam Raju Memorial Trust (a great Marxist-Leninist leader of the P&T trade union movement) and he paid rich tributes to Com. Raju even in the corona period in his village. I cannot forget his deep association with social and revolutionary teachings. I deeply extend sorrow on behalf of the Com. P. Purushottam Raju Trust for his untimely demise which is a loss for his family and to the progressive movement.

Red Salute to Comrade Ram Kotesh!

Lal Salaam to Comrade Ram Kotesh!

Com Ch. Venkateswarlu, Secretary, Com. P. Purushottam Raju Memorial Trust.

Ram Kotesh Anna is a true humanist through and through. We got to know him for just about a year when my daughter, M Suma, married his son, K Goutham Babu. He is a strong-willed person and has led an exemplary life. His breadth of knowledge, social responsibility, deep love for education, and work towards civil rights are but a tiny glimpse of what makes him a great man and a role model.

Ram Kotesh Anna, you will remain with us forever – your love and affection for family, friends, and society is eternal. You are a bright ray of sunshine, showering warm smiles and witty quips. We will always cherish the fond memories we have with you. May your noble soul rest in peace.

Prof. M Rama Devi
Govt IASE, Hyderabad. (Motherin-law of KRK’s son, Gautam).

Dad had a tremendous impact on everyone who interacted with him including his many students. He was a kind person who strived for educating society. He cared a lot for us, his children also. He brought us up with a lot of effort and care.

I hope to take his inspiration and continue the good work done by him.

Goutham Babu Kamepalli.

I’m Dr. Swathi Rosa Kamepalli ... comrade Ramkotesh’s daughter... I‘m a pulmonologist. what I‘m now is totally the outcome of my father’s hard work... He always wanted me and my brother Goutham babu Kamepalli to be the top as human, in profession and position... From childhood he took utmost care... His ideology, his life style was always an inspiration to both of us.

Today in this condolence meet I got to know few new things about my father. We always feel proud to be his children. Even I promise that I‘ll continue to keep up my father’s name high and accomplish his targets. Last salute to comrade Ram Kotesh.

I met Kotesh (as we were calling him by this name) in 1978-79 when he was studying in Delhi. I think we met through Vijay or Ashim Roy. He was a nice comrade of ours and also a good human being. Once I with Vijay and Moni Guha visited Guntur for a meeting organised by Kotesh in 1985 (don’t remember properly the year) Last time I met him when he came to Delhi for a meeting of Stalin Society. Comrade you will be always with us in our cherished memories. Very dear farewell to you my Comrade.

Balram Sharma,
Kamgar Prakashan

Salute to Comrade Ram Kotesh Kamepalli!

Comrade Ram Kotesh Kamepalli worked for the labour revolution all his life and used his academic skills to write in various journals. Apart from Stalin Society of India, he also wrote in Revolutionary Democracy. From his writings, the proletariat around the world got a lot of guidance, he was also a member of the editorial board of Socialist Albania, he was also a Trade Unions activist.

Comrade Ram Kotesh’s way, our way!

Long live the proletarian revolution!

Workers of the world unite!

Shaukat Ali Chaudhury
Pakistan Workers Front

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