Resolutions of the Organisations and Parties Participating in the Third Seminar on Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

Organized by the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador and the Democratic Popular Movement of Ecuador.
Held from July 19 to 22, 1999 in Quito, Ecuador.

Resolution on Colombia:

The national and international delegations at the III International Seminar 'Problems of the Revolution in Latin America' resolve:

1) To reject the preparations for the projected invasion of Colombia by the US under the pretext of the social and armed conflict that this nation is undergoing.

These preparations are already very advanced at the US military bases in Ecuador (Manta region), on the islands of Aruba and Curacao and in Iquitos, Peru.

2) We demand that the governments of the neighbouring countries of Colombia not permit their armed forces to facilitate the US plans for the violation of the popular and national sovereignty of our brother country.

3) The Yankee invasion Colombia would mean that the efforts being made in Colombia to find a political solution would be suspended and would oblige the Colombian patriots to begin the phase of a PATRIOTIC WAR AGAINST THE INVADER, deepening and raising to new heights the revolutionary armed struggle.

4) It is clear that the invasion plans of the US seek to destabilize the region and to find pretexts to obstruct the international politics of the government of Venezuela and the growing wave of popular struggle in Ecuador.

The US is trying to limit the sovereignty of Brazil and to go back on its obligation to withdraw from its military bases in Panama.

5) We call upon the people of Latin America to show their solidarity with the people in struggle in Colombia, where we are watching with interest the preparations for a national strike to which we give our total support.

6) In particular in Ecuador we are carrying out days of struggle and campaigns centring on the struggle against the US military bases, built under the smokescreen of the war against drugs.

7) We demand the condemnation of President Menem and Fujimori, imperialist spearheads on the continent for the Yankee military adventure of invasion of Colombia.

8) The cause of Colombia is ours, it is the cause of the peoples and revolutionaries of Latin America; we take up the commitment to join our forces, in all spheres, in defence of Colombia, of its people and its sovereignty, to make the imperialist intervention fail.

9) We call upon the workers and peoples of our countries to hold days of solidarity with the struggle of the Colombian people and insurgency, in repudiation of the Yankee intervention, during the first week of September of 1999.

Resolution of Solidarity with Ecuador

The revolutionary organizations participating in the III International Seminar 'Problems of the Revolution in Latin America', on analyzing the situation in Ecuador


1) To condemn and denounce before the international community the repressive and fascist policies of the government of Jaime Mahuad and the local ruling classes, which have not only condemned the Ecuadorian people to the most dreadful misery, but are trying to silence the voice and protest of the people, resorting to state crimes such as those that took the lives of comrades Jaime Hurtado, Pablo Tapia and Wellington Borja.

We demand that the Ecuadorian government not obstruct the investigations until they find the ones intellectually and materially responsible for this multiple crime, and may the whole weight of justice fall upon them.

2) We also condemn the political persecution of popular leaders and militants and in all Ecuador which now is trying to silence another voice by the political trial of comrade María Eugenia Lima, Chair of the Ecuadorian Confederation of Women, for her militancy towards the government and the ruling classes.

Resolution of Solidarity with Political Prisoners

The delegations participating in the III International Seminar 'Problems of the Revolution in Latin America' raise the demand for immediate freedom for all political prisoners in Latin America, hostages of the reactionary governments.

We demand, among many others, freedom for Francisco Galán, Felipe Torres, Francisco Carvallo, Joaquín Aoteta and Arnulfo Briceño, of Colombia, of Abimael Guzmán and José Ramérez Durand, of Peru.

We demand the end to the persecutions by means of judicial processes that seek to give a pseudo-legal form to the repression against the popular fighters, who in Argentina are more than 2,000. We demand freedom for Raúl Castels, leader of the Pensioners of Argentina.

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