Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. VI, No. 1, April 2000

Rahula Sankrityayana
Sketch by Anil Karanjay

The Assault on the House of Leon Trotsky, David Alfaro Siqueiros

J.V. Stalin and the Theory of Socialist Reproduction, 'Inter'

The Communist Party of China and the 20th Congress of the C.P.S.U., British and Irish Communist Organisation

Public Sector Units: Privatisation or Economic Destruction?, N. Bhattacharyya

The Working Class Movement in the Dhanbad-Durgapur Area, A. Roy

Gender and Property Relations in Uttar Pradesh, Aparna Bhardwaj

The Film 'Water' and the Freedom of Expression, Mazdoor Mukti Sangharsh Samiti

Documents: Rahula Sanskrityayana's Letter to J.V. Stalin

Julius Fucík Remembered, Jan Jelínek

The Poems of Nikola Vaptsarov, C.N. Subramaniam


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is the Socialist State of the Workers and Peasants
(From the Constitution of the Soviet Union, 1936)

Editorial: The Power Workers of Uttar Pradesh Show The Way.

The Communal Offensive and the Indian Council of Historical Research, Tanika Sarkar

Global Victory in Seattle: Workers, Students, Activists Defeat WTO, Steve Zeltzer

The War in the Chechen Republic, Proletarskaya Gazeta

Recent Events in Ireland, O'Cuinnegain

Irish Revolutionaries of the 1940s Supported Udham Singh.

Resolutions of the Third Seminar on the Problems of the Revolution in Latin America, July 1999

'My Ambition was to Liquidate Communism', Mikhail Gorbachev

The Forgery of the 'Testament of Varga', Maria Varga

The Peoples' War Group and its Criticism by the 'Concerned Citizens', Rajesh Tyagi

Be Careful! There is a Spy in Your Windows. En Marcha, October 1999

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