End of the Rhetoric of Swadeshi

Double Faceted Politics of the Fascists Exposed

Exactly on the eve of the recent Lok Sabha elections, Mr. Vajpayee organised a press conference and assured the multinational giants that they should not entertain any doubts about the faithfulness of his party to the interests of international capital as his party is not against them and their interests would be well safeguarded by his government if they come to power. On the other hand, they are the same people who under the banner of 'Swadeshi Jagaran Manch', a front organisation of the BJP, were telling the people that once political power would fall into their lap they would say goodbye to foreign capital, at least in the consumer industry.

Immediately after the alliance led by the BJP came to power, Murli Manohar Joshi, one of its ideologues, proclaimed that 'Now onwards, 'Swadeshi' would be the main tune behind each and every policy decision taken by the government'. On the same day, Mr. Vajpayee made the exactly opposite proclamation that 'there is no question of withdrawing from international organisations like WTO'. Not only this, but in order to show his willingness to follow the dictates of international masters, Mr. Vajpayee, virtually with folded hands, prayed to the US government to grant some time to make changes to the patent laws as desired by them assuring them that his government would carry out the commands issued by them.

Now, remaining inside the international organisations like WTO, which are led by the US and its allies and are instrumental in the process of globalisation, excludes every possibility of going 'Swadeshi' and is directly opposed to it. Both are incompatible to and exclusive of each other. But the fascists claim that they possess the magical Mantra to solve this tangle. They say: 'We would participate in the process of globalisation, we would continue to serve the interests of international capital, obediently; we would happily follow the dictates of our international masters .... but.... but we would continue to chant the slogan of 'Swadeshi' to befool the people'.

Our fascists are sure that people can always be befooled and ruled over. They openly say that, 'We have come to power by befooling the people then why can't we continue to rule by befooling them?' What naked and shameless hypocrisy! They continue to play the tune of 'Swadeshi' while on the contrary they demonstrate their readiness to dance to the tune of the masters of international capital. They know that this cocktail of Swadeshi and Videshi cannot go together, but for them one is merely a slogan to appease the masses while the other one is their battle cry.

These are the adherents of 'Swadeshi' who in the 13 days tenure of their previous government, took the sole step to clear the Enron Project in Dabhol, which involved very huge stakes for multinational capital. It is in consideration of their services that this government is liked so such by the US and its allies. For the first time in our history, a US president has personally greeted an Indian PM on the telephone.

That is why we say that these fascists who are holding power now, are the most faithful and obedient allies of international capital and are consequently the worst enemies of our people and our national interests. Their rhetoric of 'Swadeshi' was a farce to befool the unaware masses. Their slogan of 'Swadeshi' is merely a cover for the real and secret arrangements of these fascists with the forces of international capital.

Now we put the question directly and simply to the people: Does this government, which deceives its own people, which has turned away from its promises which were proclaimed so loudly, which has entered into secret arrangements with the forces of international capital behind the back of the nation, which makes a mockery of the people themselves and insults its mandate, has got any right to continue in office? Should it be permitted by the people to continue as such or should it be turned out of the office by the might of the peoples' movement?


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