Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. IV, No. 2, September 1998

Bertolt Brecht, Birth Centenary
Bibhas Das

End the Rhetoric of Swadeshi, Janpaksh.

Against the Nuclear Tests, Janpaksh.

Marxism and the Nuclear Question, Joseph Stalin

Imperialist Globalisation of the Indian Seas and the Fishworkers' Struggles, Souparna Lahiri

Bertolt Brecht and Socialist Realism, Jakup Mato et al and From the Brecht Oeuvre

Observations on the New Panchayati Raj Experience, C.N. Subramaniam.

Interview: Paul Robeson in the Soviet Union, Vern Smith

Delhi Nurses Strike, Janpaksh.

Delhi University Teachers' Agitation, Forum for Democratic Struggle

Kazakhstan: Free Model Ismailov!

The Last Mystery of Stalin, Edward Radzinsky

Lakshmanpur Bathe, S. Banerjee

Albania: Interview with a Representative of the Vlora Salvation Committee, La Nostra Lotta

Stalin and the Making of the Political Economy of Socialism, Vijay Singh

Five Conversations with Soviet Economists, 1941-52, J.V. Stalin

Poem: Of Him, Nazim Hikmet

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