Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. IV, No. 1, April 1998

J.V. Stalin,
45th Death Anniversary,
A Sketch by Bibhas Das

The Corporate Rule Treaty, Tony Clarke

Resolution of the South Asia Labour Forum on the Multilateral Agreement on Investments

Deepening Japanese Financial Crisis, The People's Star

Globalization and Child Labour, Vasanthi Raman

The 'Post Jomtien' Phenomenon of Indian Elementary Education, Janaki Rajan

Group Clashes in Bihar

George Orwell and the British State, Lalkar

Review: Albania - the inside story, Ernie Trory

Former GDR Planning Chief Praises the 'Building up of the East', Roter Morgen

A Self-Created Marsh, Abdul Momin

June 1957, Lazar Kaganovich

The Contribution of Stalin to Marxism-Leninism, M.B. Mitin, M.D. Kammari, G.F. Aleksandrov

Obituary: H.L. Khurana, 1928-98

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations

Poem: 'Dismayed, Enraged', 30th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Che Guevara, Mario Benedetti


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