Group Clashes in Bihar

The progressive press has voiced concern at the internecine armed clashes which have taken place in recent months in Bihar between CPI(ML) Party Unity and the Maoist Communist Centre. These developments are alarming. Only yesterday these organizations together with the CPI(ML) Peoples' War Group were coordinating their activities and considered that they alone were the true communist revolutionaries in the country whilst all others were revisionist. The All India Peoples' Resistance Forum which organized the international seminar on the nationality question in Delhi in February, 1996, was a product of their united activity. The joint statement of CPI(ML) Party Unity and the MCC which pledges to stop these armed clashes must be considered a positive development.

Rajesh Tyagi

Counter the Fascist Activities of the MCC!
Crush the MCC-Feudal-Criminal Nexus!!

The people have eyes, the people see everything. The people have ears, the people hear everything. The people have wisdom, the people take decisions by themselves. In Kharasin on the dark night of the 3rd of September the people saw the group of feudal-reactionary-criminals which came along with the hooligans of the MCC. That same night they heard the sound of bullets being fired upon them and they also heard the reality of the false revolutionism of the MCC. At the appropriate moment the people will take their own decision. Ultimately it is the people who are the real heroes of history. The people will certainly launch a counter-attack. It is said that wrong means lead to wrong aims. This was proved to be correct on the 3rd of September 1997 when an armed squad of the MCC brutally and mercilessly killed 8 people including a woman and girl at Kharasin village of the Karpi Block in Jehanabad district. All of these people were our sympathizers. Their tactic of eliminating the sympathizers of the feudal forces which was incepted at Dalelchak Baghaura some 12-13 years ago has now taken a new turn. They have now started to aim their guns at revolutionary people as well. Their formula of establishing red terror is demonstrating itself on the revolutionary cadres and people. As a result all revolutionary cadres are pained, worried and ashamed while the reactionary ruling classes are happy. Let us examine the real crux of this 'revolutionary act' of the MCC. Why did it occur?

There are two reasons of this. The first reason is that our armed squad wiped out one Ramu Yadav who was the village headman of Kharasin. Ramu Yadav was a corrupt village head; a notorious police agent and a tool of the local landlords. A few years ago during a struggle for land which took place under the leadership of our party the people confiscated hundreds of acres of land in the area of Sahar Telpo. Naturally this alarmed the local landlords and reactionaries and they began to try to put down the peoples' struggles with the help of the police. Ramu Yadav had played a significant role in these efforts. In his own village too Ramu Yadav retained possession of land for which harijans had received government certificates. We wiped him out. At that time we were not aware of the fact that this BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party ed.) hooligan had a certificate of trust from the MCC as well. His having sympathy for the MCC reveals the real grade of 'Maoism' which the MCC clearly exhibits.

The second reason is that Comrade Lal Mohan joined CPI (ML) (Party Unity). Comrade Lal Mohan was an important member of the local committee of the Revolutionary Peasant Committee of the MCC. As he objected to the entry of anti-people elements he resigned from the Revolutionary Peasant Committee and joined CPI ML (Party Unity). The MCC could not digest this and they took to this fascist method in response. This action of the MCC is not a deviation or an isolated act but it is the logical result of its dogmatic and sectarian tactics. Beginning from Dalelchak Baghaura they have ultimately reached the stage that they are aiming their guns at the dalit and landless people.

It is also pertinent to see what kind of Generals accompanied the army of MCC hooligans? Which forces were organized to implement this massacre?

Three types of social forces were involved in this massacre. A: the armed hooligans of the MCC; B: the feudal-reactionary elements from the bhumihar caste such as Girijesh Sharma, Kaushal Sharma and his musclemen; C: Ranjit Yadav and Lalbahadur Yadav together with other criminal elements of the area. This signifies that the 'Red Army' of the MCC performed this massacre after organising the local feudal-reactionaries-criminal gangs. In order to fight with Party Unity they can join hands with Satan; to eliminate them they can unite with feudals and criminals; and to uproot them they can establish their base amongst the criminals and feudal classes. It is also in fact a bitter truth that casting aside their class basis and communist responsibility they can do anything which helps them to liquidate Party Unity.

In order to expand the area of their conspiratorial centre they are distancing themselves from the line of class struggle: they are openly recruiting lumpens, thieves, dacoits and landlords. Not just this but they are permitting these elements to decide the fate of their 'Maoism.' It is clear that these elements would not serve the people but after getting the cover of these firearms they will exploit the people with greater intensity. They have adopted the path of inciting terrorism in order to satisfy the dogmatic approach and arrogant pride of the group. In this period they have prepared the policy of annihilating Party Unity by any means. Whatever they may say in words they have proved it by their deeds time and time again. Now they have exceeded all limits.

We call upon the struggling people of South and Central Bihar to unmask the wrong action of the MCC and to continue their struggles against the landlords, reactionaries, police agents and dacoits even if they have the protection of the MCC. Our policy is clear: never attack the ordinary supporters of the MCC, eliminate various anti-people elements whether they are in the MCC or not. Resist the armed squads of the MCC and defeat them. Continue the glorious tradition of avenging the deaths of martyrs and the common people. Practise the teaching of comrade Mao to remain pro-people forever.

We appeal to the democratic individuals, intellectuals and organizations of Bihar to unmask this growing aspect of the character of MCC, that the MCC is the guardian of zamindars, reactionaries and hooligans, that the MCC utilizes semi-fascist methods to resolve the contradictions amongst the people, that the MCC promotes the medieval barbarism of semi-feudal society and justifies it, that the MCC adopts the line of establishing its hegemony on the strength of fire-arms in place of political competition. By acting in favour of the feudal forces the MCC has committed a crime before history and the people. The people will avenge this.

CPI(ML) (Party Unity)
Bhojpur-Jehanabad Border Area Committee

13th September 1997

1. Uproot the MCC which defends feudals, reactionaries and hooligans!

2. Oppose the MCC policy of expanding their territory by all means possible with the help of feudals and lumpens!

3. Fight the fascist and anarchist policies of the MCC!

4. Uproot the MCC, killers of Comrades Divkar, Pappu and Tukhi Uraon!

5. Uproot the MCC which is responsible for the Massacres of Demo, Asehar and Kharasin!

Translated from the Hindi by Rajesh Tyagi.


The COC, CPI (ML) (PU) and CC, MCC (Maoist Communist Centre) express their deep concern regarding ongoing armed clashes in Bihar between the two organizations. Many people, sympathizers, members, squad members of both the organizations have to face great sufferings for these clashes. We pledge to stop these armed clashes immediately.

We earnestly, appeal to all the rank and file of both the organisations to help fulfil this pledge. These clashes in fact retard the advancement of revolutionary peasant struggle and go against the very interest of the people and the Indian Revolution.

Frontier, December 20, 1997

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