Founding of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia

In the second half of the twentieth century the Balkans were a veritable cockpit of political and ideological struggle. Yugoslavia embarked upon the restoration of capitalism in 1948-49 becoming the first country in the democratic camp to do this. The proletarian internationalist forces in Yugoslavia which upheld Stalin and the Cominform were ruthlessly hunted down.

A large number of comrades were incarcerated in the concentration camp at Goli Otok, many being tortured and killed. After 1953 Yugoslavia become the international exemplar of capitalist development for the countries between Berlin and Beijing. The Albanian communists resisted the Yugoslav aggressive activities and were assisted by Stalin and the CPSU (b) in 1947-48. But after 1953, People’s Albania was pressurised to join the capitalist path of development, not just by open imperialism but by the new camp headed by the Soviet Union and its allies. People’s Albania was subjected to bourgeois-revisionist encirclement. It nonetheless successfully accomplished the construction of socialism being the sole people’s democracy to do this. This was possible as the Party of Labour of Albania stood by the principles of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. The recent formation of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia is a significant development for it embraces the principles of Dimitrov and Enver; Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin; the Comintern and Cominform. It confirms that the Marxist-Leninist understanding corresponds to the requirements of the contemporary class struggle of Serbia as it does across the world. A warm welcome to the comrades of Serbia!

Vijay Singh

On 18-19th January 2020 in the city of Jagodina in Republic of Serbia a Founding meeting of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia was held. In its adopted basic principles it is written:

The goal of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour is the seizure of power by the working class – a democratic dictatorship of the proletariat – to establish a socialist socio-economic system and to build socialism in Serbia and throughout the whole Balkans and to achieve a conclusive victory of communism in the world.

It is a vanguard organisation of proletarian revolution led by the members of Serbian working class, with the established international revolutionary links with the Macedonian, Croatian, Turkish and international revolutionary workers movement.

Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia is a Marxist-Leninist organisation, established within the frames of the history of class struggle of workers and students in Serbia and struggle against opportunism, infantilism and adventurism, modern revisionism and modern reformism.

Its basic profound Marxist-Leninist position, the basis for “winning every battle” can be found in one if its founding documents “PITANJE EPOHE / The Question of The Epoch”, which is also translated on English.

The Second session of the acting Action committee of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia adopted the initiative for the further strenghening of ties and relations of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia with the international workers movement and the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations (ICMLPO). The Action committee also adopted guidelines “On the revolutionary party of the proletariat” for the further building and strenghening of the Alliance, which is also inspired by the text “On the Party of the Proletariat” adopted by the XXIV Plenary of the ICMLPO.

As matter of strenghening the ties with the working class and working people in Serbia, the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia made the basis for it with its “Commune” Platform, and together with the combative grassroots worker’s organisations from Serbia formed the basis of the Revolutionary democratic front of the working people which already declared the Resolution “For One, Only and United Labour Union Movement”. During the comprehensive preparations for the Third session of the AC the basis for founding of the Alliance of Working Women is also established. During these preparations the

Alliance also supported the legendary “Quito Declaration” and obliged its International committee to ask the ICMLPO to put on the agenda of the next Plenary session of the ICMLPO the question of admitting the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia to its membership.

In March, on the day of marking the 145 years of the passing of legendary Svetozar Markovic – founder of the revolutionary, democratic and socialist movement in Serbia and the Balkans – in Svetozar’s city of Jagodina the Worker’s Youth gave its revolutionary vow to the working class, working people and youth – to the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia and the international Marxist-Lenininst movement.

The Action committee has responsibilities to prepare the conditions for organising the First Congress of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour, latest by January 2021. With the guidance of the Action Committee within the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour also operates the International Committee and Education Commune, also as the Main and Local Trustees of the Alliance. The AC also publishes its Monthly Dictatums.

Dear comrades,

In front of the acting International Committee of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia I send warm and enthusiastic comradely communist greetings to the legendary Marxist-Leninist journal from India called Revolutionary Democracy. We know how much its historical work is important, especially in the field of collecting Marxist-Leninist and anti-revisionist materials from the Balkans, which also nursed the founders of our Alliance.

In the text “The South Slav Federation and Macedonian Question” by Dimitrov, exclusively published by the Revolutionary Democracy, in the introduction it is written:

The Marxist-Leninist forces in the Balkans will no doubt be compelled to return to the principles of Lenin, Stalin and Dimitrov.

Is there any better proof of Revolutionary Democracy’s historical intuition – than the founding of our Alliance!? In one of the founding documents of the Alliance, replying to the greetings by the Labour Party (Turkey) and the ICMLPO and other Marxist-Leninist comrades from the Balkans to its Founding Meeting, it is said:

“Form the basis for the Balkans Marxist-Leninist cooperation – let’s solve together the Balkans question!”

The fine collection of materials of Dimitrov and Enver, of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin – on history of socialism and the struggle between Marxism-Leninism and revisionism – presented in Revolutionary Democracy in a responsible scientific manner, organized and guided through it with the sense of systematicness – will be of great help to us for solving these historically unsolved questions. We hope we will carry out this historical task – proudly and throughout to complete victory!

May Revolutionary Democracy from India live long and may eternally live its important revolutionary work!

Long live the comradeship and friendship of Revolutionary Democracy from India and the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia!

Long live the international revolutionary workers movement –  long live the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations
– Long live the international unity and solidarity of the working class!

Long live the unity and revolutionary brotherhood of the working peoples against imperialism and chauvinism – long live the proletarian democratic dictatorship and new socialism in Serbia and the Balkans!

Down with capitalism, long live socialism!

Long live the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour of Serbia!

The acting International Committee of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour,
Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

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