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Revolutionary Democracy is a half-yearly theoretical and political journal published in April and September from India. It contains materials on the problems facing the communist movement, particularly relating to Russia, China and India, the origins of modern revisionism, the restoration of capitalism in the USSR and developments in the international communist movement.

Vol. XXV, No. 2, April, 2020

New articles:

New articles in Archives: National Question in the USA

Trotsky's Day in Court (in Archives)

New  section in Archives: On Che Guevara

Articles in Telugu

Proceedings of the Second Congress of the Communist International, 1920 (in Archives)

Social outbreak at the heart of the capitalist imperialist system, ICMLPO

Articles on Covid 19 and the Class Struggle:

      Covid 19 and the Working Classes, CN Subramaniam

      We are Workers – We are Not For Sale, New Trade Union Initiative

  Effect of Coronavirus on India, Dr. N. Bhattacharya Posted July 31, 2020

      COVID-19 in Russia, International Labour Working Group of Russia

      The Fight Against Epidemics in the USSR in Peace and War

      Benin Will not Serve as a Land for Testing the Anti-Covid-19 vaccine, Philippe Noudjenoume

      A Call to Workers, Labourers and the Public on the Struggle Against the Corona Virus Pandemic, EMEP

Sensational Drug Kingpin: Apropos to IFP Article on Lhukhosei, Malem Ningthouja

Some Fundamental Questions of the Revolutionary Policy of the Party of Labour of Albania about the Development of the Class Struggle, Nexhmije Hoxha, in Bengali

ВКП (б), Госплан и вопрос перехода к коммунистическому обществу в Советском Союзе 1939-1953 гг., in Документы на русском языке

Resolutions of the Comintern on the Negro Question, (in archive)

Some Fundamental Questions of the Revolutionary Policy of the Party of Labour of Albania about the Development of the Class Struggle, Nexhmije Hoxha, 1977 (in archive)


Art from Shaheen Bagh by Tanzeela: 'Speak, for your lips are free.

Nexhmije Hoxha 1921 - 2020
It’s Not the Economy, It’s the Politics, Stupid, K.B. Saxena

Condition of Indian Labouring Masses: the Urban Labour­ing People, C.N. Subramaniam

Code on Wages: Universalising Rightlessness, Worker’s Connect

Statement on the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 and National Register of Citizens

Protesting CAA in Northeast India, Malem Ningthouja

The Internal Report of the Delhi Police on the ‘Riots’, IANS

The Supreme Court Judgement on the Babri Masjid Dispute

Lahore Industrialist Arranges for Firing on Factory Workers, Shaukat Ali Chaudhry

Founding of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour in Serbia

The Question of the Balkan Federation, Nexhmije Hoxha (4 p.)

Tributes to Nexhmije Hoxha, (8 February 1921 - 26 February 2020)           

Vito Kapo Passed Away (9 November 1922 - 29 February 2020), Laver Stroka
Tufail Abbas: Tributes

Ecuador: The Indigenous and Popular Uprising, A Victory over Neo-Liberalism, Pablo Miranda

We are Not Only Fighting a Pandemic – But for a New and Better Future, ICMLPO

The Subversion and Disruption of a Writing of Lenin, Revolução e Democracia

Kautskyism in the Theory of Imperialism II, E. Leikin (50 p.)

Letter from Dange, Ghosh, Basavapunnaiah and Rao in Moscow to the CC CPSU (B), (1st March, 1951) (3 p.)

Speech at the September 1953 Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, V.M. Molotov (18 p.) Intro only

Che-ism in Sri Lanka and India, Parimal Dasgupta

Book ad: Clara Zetkin: Rosa Luxemburg’s Views on the Russian Revolution

Book ad: This Land Is Their Land

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