Faced with the New Offensive of Imperialism, Be Alert and Prepare the Anti-Imperialist Counter-Offensive

The Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Popular Unity UPRA urges the revolutionary forces to be alert and prepare to fight the measures of the U.S. government in order to defend the homeland of the Venezuelan people against the blatant interference by the government of the United States, which has deepened its aggressive attacks in order to subdue the children of Ana Soto, Empress Guzman, Guaicaipuro, Jose Leonardo Chirino, Miranda, Bolivar and Chavez, whose Caribbean blood flows through our veins, and who throughout history have demonstrated our revolutionary spirit, making a reality of the principles of combativeness and heroism.

The ruling class of the United States, which for centuries has subjected the peoples of Latin America under the Monroe Doctrine “America for the Americans,” is trying to continue maintaining the oppression of the proletariat of their own country and of the peoples of the world through media manipulation, threats, blackmail, economic and political means such as blockades and military aggression. But today just as yesterday, it will meet the resistance of a united people who, even in conditions of great unevenness, have fought bravely, holding high the popular demands, and inflicting great defeats on it, when we have kept our forces united as a single fist.

The principle of popular unity that UPRA upholds is the cornerstone for the resistance, for the advance and for the victory of the proletariat; in times of direct struggle against imperialism it has been an infallible recipe. As the Venezuelan people showed by mobilizing for the return of Chavez, as the Vietnamese showed against the French and U.S. invasions, as the Cubans showed against the U.S. and as the USSR showed in the Great Patriotic War against Nazi fascism, Unity is the only possibility of winning. But this unity must be built on the basis of the qualities of the revolutionary vanguard, clear, mobilized and disciplined, imbued with the revolutionary audacity of the working class and the peasantry, with the boundless energy of the youth, women and people with the noble aim of defending their strategic project.

Faced with the grave threat that hangs over our people, we must endorse a thousand times over the need for revolutionary popular unity. Unity of the different proletarian, revolutionary and patriotic trends, movements and parties, unity around the Bolivarian Government that has the responsibility of leading our country, without hesitation or conciliation with the bourgeoisie. At this difficult time, unity around those who understand that only through socialism can we overcome the complex challenge that the bourgeoisie, with their reactionary and fascist plan, is imposing on us, understanding that the struggle against imperialism must necessarily be accompanied by the demand for socialism. For that reason we in the UPRA confirm the conclusions of the First National Convention of the Revolutionary Left and the energy of the organizations that make up this platform as a contribution in achieving an undoubted triumph against the forces of reactionary terrorism in order to take up the position of combat that the revolutionary struggle imposes on us at this time.

With the Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Popular Unity We Will Defeat the Fascist Aggression!

Neither a Coup Nor Fascism Will Stop Socialism!

No Conciliation with Imperialism But the Victory of the Revolution!

National Coordination of the Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Popular Unity (UPRA)


March 12, 2015

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