Tsunami Messages

From: Ecuador

Comrade: we express our grief and solidarity with the peoples of the south of India and other countries for the grave natural disaster they have suffered these last days. We hope for the rapid recuperation of the injured survivors and that the peoples of south-east Asia continue to advance in their search for peace and happiness.

Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador, 2nd January 2005

From: France:

We want to express our deepest solidarity with the victims of the terrible tsunami that hit your country and the whole zone. The innumerable acts of solidarity of the people of all these countries have saved a lot of lives. They contrast totally with the indecent gesticulations of the authorities of the imperialist countries, firstly interested in securing ‘their’ citizens. The debt, mechanism of imperialist plundering and domination, the prohibition of producing the ‘generic’ drugs, urgently needed today, the exclusive dependence on the tourist industry controlled by the international monopolies, aggravate considerably the consequences of this natural catastrophe.

La Forge, central organ of the Workers’ Communist Party of France.

December 2004.

From: Italy:

Dear comrades,

We express to you, on our behalf and on that of the Italian working class, our deep sorrow for the thousands of Indian men, women and children who were victims of the terrible catastrophe of the last days. This disaster was made worse by the non-prevention and the non-alarm and by all the faults of a system like the capitalist one, not based on the respect for nature and human beings but on the pursuit of profit. We will take part in the initiatives of help and militant solidarity which are being organised in Italy for the affected population. Fraternal greetings.

The Editorial Board of Teoria & Prassi - Rivista Marxista-Leninista Italy

December 30, 2004

From: Norway

As the devastating consequences of the Tsunami disaster are becoming clear, the peoples all over the world are showing their sympathy and solidarity towards the peoples of South Asia. When the first shock over the tragedy fades, the peoples will be asking why it was not possible to issue a warning to the threatened shores hours in advance, in a world surveyed in detail by US and other satellites and with geological and seismologic stations placed everywhere.

Facts are already showing that the knowledge was available, but that no warning was issued in fear of jeopardizing the tourist industry! No other socio-economic system than imperialism, capitalism of today, would be profit-minded enough to take such a cynical stand and such a, literally speaking, calculated risk. Abolishing imperialism will not abolish natural perils, but it will certainly minimize their devastating effects on manhood.

The struggle nevertheless will continue in 2005!


The Marxist-Leninist journal Revolusjon (Revolution)
J R Steinholt, Editor Fri, 31 Dec 2004

From: Pakistan

Please accept our condolences over the tragic earthquake and the tsunami disaster. The victims and affectees are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tufail Abbas,
(Chief Editor, Awami Manshoor, and
Chairman, Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaz)
1st January, 2005.

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