Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XI, No. 1, April 2005

30th April 1945.
Liberation of Berlin by the Red Army

Under the Banner of Lenin Forward to Victory
A. P. Voloshin, 1941, Placard

Save Moscow! N.N. Zhukov (1908-1973), V.C. Klimashin (1912-1960). Placard, 1941, Paper. India ink. 87 x 60. Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the USSR, Moscow

History Repeats Itself, N.K. Bhattacharyya

Poverty in India, Jaya Mehta

International Health Governance in the Era of Imperialist Globalisation, Dr. Omkar Mittal

Periodisation of Indian History, C.N. Subramaniam

December 13th and the Attack on Indian Democracy, Ujjwal Kumar Singh

Tsunami Messages

On the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany:

On the Character of the Second World War, Rajani Palme Dutt

Minutes of the Discussions of J.V. Stalin and V.M. Molotov with the Lord Privy Seal of Great Britain, Eden (March 29, 1935)

J.V.Stalin’s Directives to V.M. Molotov prior to the Visit to Berlin (November 1940)

Discussions of J.V. Stalin and Charles de Gaulle (December 2nd to December 10th 1944)

Che Guevara and the Political Economy of Socialism, Rafael Martinez

Conversation with Xhustin Papagorgi, Third Secretary, of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Albania in Cuba, (September, 1968)

Meeting to Commemorate the Tenth Anniversary of Revolutionary Democracy

Messages of Greetings

Nepal: The Royal Regression and the Question of the Democratic Republic, Baburam Bhattarai

Colombia: Uribe: Pawn of the USA Against Venezuela and its Government, CPC (ML)

Germany: Bush and Schroeder: A Dangerous Alliance, Roter Morgen

Iraq: On the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, Sami Alaa

Ivory Coast: On the Resumption of the Civil War, RCP of Ivory Coast

Togo: Down with the Putsch, CP of the Workers of France

French Africa: Debt, Looting and Economic Subjugation, La Forge

History of the Ten Conferences of the ICMLO, La Forge

Resolutions of the ICMLO Conference, Ecuador, December 2004

Final Declaration of the VIII International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America: Quito, Ecuador, December 2004

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