Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. X, No. 1, April 2004

Globalisation and Labour
A Collage by Bibhas Das

Globalisation and Labour, Navin Chandra

Imperialism, Globalisation and War, Taylan Bilgic

Changing Agrarian Structure in the Indian Economy, Jaya Mehta

Privatisation of the Coal Industry: A Review, Udyog

Imperialism and the Assault on the People’s Welfare, N. K. Bhattacharyya

Kashmiri People’s Aspirations and Solidarity Movement, Gautam Navlakha

Military Offensive Against United Liberation Front of Assam, Anand Swaroop Verma

On the New NCERT Textbook of Medieval India, Atishi Marlena

Parliamentary Attack Case: Some Thoughts on the High Court Judgement, Uma Chakravarti, Neeraj Malik, Nandita Narain

The Left and Communalism, Vijay Singh

Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s Jail Notebook, C.N. Subramaniam

China: Capitalism With ‘Chinese Characteristics’, Proletarskaya Gazeta

Colombia: ‘Socialism is the Future of Humanity’, An Interview with Francisco Caraballo

Liberia: The Future of Tyrants Created by Imperialism, Jean Claude Abadys

Ecuador: Interview with Wilson Alvarracin of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party

Pakistan: The Present Government and Feudalism, Tufail Abbas

Lenin and Stalin

Obituary: Pierre Vilar 1916-2003, La Forge

The ‘Testament’ of Lenin and the XIII Congress of the Party, Lazar Kaganovich

On the Question of the Differentiation of the Three Worlds, Mao Zedong

Resolutions of the International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations held in Santo Domingo, November, 2003

European Social Forum

World Social Forum


Letter to the Editor of Pravda Concerning V. Latsis’ Novel The New Shores, J.V. Stalin

An Invitation to the Palace, Benjamin Zephaniah

Nazir Akbarabadi: A People’s Poet of the Eighteenth Century, Najma Rehmani

On Nazir Akbarabadi, Sajjad Zaheer

Poems by Nazir Akbarabadi, translated by Javed Malick

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