Material from the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Unity and Struggle

ICMLPO Platform, November 2016

U&S46, May 2023

U&S45, November 2022

U&S44, May 2022

U&S43, November 2021

U&S42, May 2021

U&S 41, November 2020

U&S 40, May 2020

U&S 39, December 2019

U&S 38, May 2019

U&S 37, October 2018

U&S 36, April 2018

U&S 35, October 2017

U&S 34, June 2017

U&S 33,  November 2016

U&S 32, July 2016

U&S 31, January 2016

U&S 30, September 2015

U&S 29, March 2015

U&S 28, September 2014

U&S 27, Spring 2014

U&S 26, Summer 2013

U&S 25, Spring/Summer 2013

U&S 24, October 2012

International Situation and Our Tasks

International Situation and Our Tasks

I The “new world order”, capitalist classes and imperialism
A The re-conquest of the world and inevitable struggle between major powers
B The attacks of the capital and the movement of the working class and oppressed nations
C “The new world order: the order of the capital”

II The “new world” and the course of events

III Working class and the tasks

A Proletarian revolution – a world revolution
B The conception of revolution and the line of struggle
C The workers’ movement and the trade unions
D The struggle against imperialism
E International solidarity of the workers and the peoples
F Special fields and some possibilities
G The party as part and as the leader of the working class

IV Conclusion

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