Unity & Struggle No. 26, Summer 2013

On the International Situation
On Youth

Benin: Patriotic convention of the forces of the Left in Benin, Communist Party of Benin

Brazil: Electoral reform or revolution, Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR)

Burkina Faso: Struggle of the miners against neocolonial exploitation, Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta (PCRV)

Colombia: We are fighting for a true democratic opening, Communist Party of Colombia – ML

Dominican Republic: PLD government and the current situation in the Dominican Republic, Communist Party of Labor (PCT)

Ecuador: The election results do not change the course of history, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE)

France: The war in Mali, Communist Party of the Workers of France

Greece: The restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union (1953-1990) IV, Organisation for the Reconstruction of the Communist Party (1918-1955)

Italy: Climate change is accelerating, Communist Platform

Mexico: Class struggle in Mexico, Communist Party of Mexico – ML

Peru: Situation of the PC ML, Communist Party of Peru (M-L)

Spain: Work for a United Front, advance towards the Popular Front, Communist Party of Spain – ML (PCEML)

Turkey: Kurdish question, recent developments and the talks, Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP)

Venezuela: Venezuela today and revolutionary politics, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela (PCMLV)

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