Updated November 16, 2017

Some sites with historical material are in the Archive section.

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations
In English, Spanish and Turkish.
International International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People
Northstar Compass journal in English, French, Spanish and Russian.
In Albanian, English and German.
Communist Party of Benin
French only.
Revolutionary Communist Party of Bolivia
Spanish only.
Tinta Roja newspaper
Spanish only
Brazil Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil
Portuguese only.
Brazil A Verdade newspaper
Portuguese only.
Burkina Faso
Parti Communiste Revolutionnaire Voltaic
French only.
Denmark Workers' Communist Party of Denmark (APK) (Site currently being updated. See Kommunistik Politik instead.)
Central Organ Kommunistisk Politik
Some English materials.
Dominican Republic
New site: Lucha, newspaper of the Communist Party of Labor – PCT
Spanish only.
Ecuador Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
Spanish only.
Ecuador New twitter page: Unidad Popular
Spanish only.
El Salvador
New site: La Chispa Obrera, organ of STINOVES (Sindicato de Trabajadores Independientes de Oficios Varios de El Salvador – Union of Workers of Various Trades of El Salvador).
Spanish only.
France Communist Party of the Workers of France
French only.
Germany For the Construction of a Communist Workers' Party of Germany
German only.
Arbeit-Zukunft, Newspaper of the Organization for the Construction of a Communist Workers' Party of Germany
German only.
In Greek and English.
New Trade Union Initiative
In English.
Iran Toufan
In Farsi with some material in English, French and German.
Italy Communist Platform
Translation section in English and Spanish.
Ivory Coast Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast
French only. On web site of Afriques en Lutte.
Mexico Communist Party of Mexico (ML)
Spanish only.
Mexico Revolutionary Popular Front
Spanish only.
Democratic Road (Annajh Addimocrati)
In Arabic and French.
Norway Marxist-Leninist 'Revolusjon' Group
Some English materials under Forsida.
Pakistan Communist Workers and Peasants Party (CMKP)
In English.
New site: Partido Comunista Peruano (marxista-leninista)
Spanish only
Russia Proletarskaya Gazeta
In Russian with some translations in English, Spanish and French.
Zashchita Truda (Defense of Labor)
Russian and some English.
Senegal Rassemblement de Travailleurs Africains Sénégal
French only.
Spain Partido Comunista de España (marxista-leninista)
Spanish only.
Togo Communist Party of Togo
French only.
Tunisia Party of the Workers of Tunisia (Currently unaailabe.)
Arabic only.
Turkey Labour Party (EMEP)
In Turkish, Kurdish, English, Spanish and Arabic.
Turkey Evrensel newspaper
In Turkish and English under
United States of America Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA (formerly Ray O. Light Group)
English and some Spanish. On web-site of Marxist-Leninist Translations and Reprints.
United States of America American Party of Labor
English only.
United States of America The Red Republic
English only.
United States of America Marxist-Leninist Translations and Reprints
English and some Spanish.
United States of America
Grover Furr's Home Page
Excellent English language refutation of many anti-communist lies about Soviet history and Stalin in particular.
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela
Spanish only.

For the best internet archive with material from the classical Marxist-Leninist leaders as well as from Enver Hoxha and Mao Zedong (mostly in English but with a considerable number in Spanish), despite a revisionist pro-Bettelheim tendency, visit the Marx to Mao site.

For a comprehensive Marxist archive, with the majority of Lenin's Collected Works, despite a Trotskyite tendency, visit the Marxists site.

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