Another World Is Necessary: Socialism!

Once more, the leaders of the big imperialist powers are meeting around the representatives of the US superpower, for discussing and deciding about our own future. They want to take new steps in the imperialist globalization in order to try to get out of the crisis of the worldwide imperialist system.

In spite of the magnitude of the protests and of the struggles of the workers and people, they want to impose their policy of privatization, of liquidation of the systems of social protection, of public health and education, of flexibility and precarious jobs, of plundering of the dominated countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. They do not pay attention to the social, ecological consequences, to the consequences in term of health, because of their policy of profits at all costs.

This policy of social regression on a worldwide scale goes along with the reinforcement of the organs of repression, their international co-ordination, in the name of the struggle against ‘terrorism.’ Those who are spreading a policy of terror all over the world are extending their net of control and surveillance of the populations, criminalizing all kinds of social protests.

This policy is put forward through wars for a new division of the world and markets, the people being their first and foremost victims. Divided on the question of Iraq, where each imperialist power followed its own interests, they look now for new fields of unity in order to organize, all together, the imperialist plunder and domination of the planet.

The people of the world never stopped combating this domination ; from the first G-7, and then G-8 summits, to the IMF, World Bank and WTO meetings, to the European Summits; thousands and even hundred of thousands have demonstrated and denounced the debt which is strangling the people, the merchandising of all human activities, the mechanisms of deregulation which destroy the social protection and the labour legislation. The rejection of liberalism has expanded to the denunciation of imperialist wars which it is generating.

With the workers and the people all over the world, we declare that another world is more than ever necessary: a world of social justice, of respect and solidarity between the people, a world rid of the domination of the monopolies and the States at their service, a world which makes it possible to do away with the wars of plunder and of partition. The world we are aspiring and struggling for has a name: it is socialism. There is a way towards it; the revolutionary struggle of the working class and of the people.

All together against imperialism, its policy of war and misery!

May 25, 2003


Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark (APK)
Communist Organization October (Spain) (OC Octubre)
Workers’ Communist Party of France (PCOF)
Marxist Leninist Organization Revolution (Norway) (Revolusjon!)
Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey (TDKP)

Members of the International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations

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