Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. VIII, No. 2, September 2002

Illustration to Nazim Hikmet's Poem, 'That Wall', Maureen Scott, 1973

Gujarat Genocide: The Passage to Fascism, Ashim Roy

Has the Bourgeoisie Truly Come of Age in India?, Nasir Tyabji

Pakistan and India on the Precipice of War, Communist Workers and Peasants Party, Pakistan

Political Notes, Rajesh Tyagi

On the Prevention of Terrorism Act, Committee for Fair Trial of the POTA Accused

CPI (M)’s War Against ‘People’s War’, Ajit Roy

France: The Phenomenon of Le Pen, La Forge

The General Strike in Italy, La Forge

Venezuela: Imperialist Coup Defeated, En Marcha

World Social Forum: Social Democracy Defends the System, En Marcha

New: On the Dissolution of the Comintern, From the Diary of Georgi Dimitrov

New: On David Romagnolo’s ‘Comments on a Critique of Charles Bettelheim’, Sunil Sen

Democratic Socialist Party of Australia, A Chameleon Party, Alvaro Recoba

The Balkans Past and Present:

New: Shaheed Bhagat Singh on Celluloid, Jagmohan Singh

Book Review: ‘The Cry was Unity: Communists and African Americans 1917-1936’, Ray O. Light


In Memoriam: Kaifi Azmi:

Birth Centenary of Nazim Hikmet

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