7th International Meeting of Trade Unionists

All Together Against Capital!

The 7th International Meeting of Trade Unionists was successfully held in Bourges, France, from June 22 to 23. More than 120 trade unionists from France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and also from Ecuador, Colombia, Burkina Faso and Benin were warmly welcomed for these three days by the trade union CGT [General Confederation of Labour] of the main industry of Bourges.

Since 1999, the workers of this factory have been fighting against the closing of the enterprise. Today, in France, thousands of workers have been involved in the struggle against layoffs.

The response to the aggressive policy of the monopolies, directed specifically against the interests of the working class and the peoples, is developing all over Europe.

The trade unionists who took part in the 7th International Meeting, from whatever country in which they are struggling and to whatever trade union they belong, are trying to strengthen the class struggle against the monopolies and the State which is at their service.

With this perspective, we reaffirm our support to all who strengthen international solidarity among the workers.

All together against capital!

The year before, the Danish people said ‘NO’ to the Euro [common European currency]. This year, the Irish people rejected the ratification of the Treaty of Nice in a referendum.

The process of European integration is finding increased hostility among the workers and the peoples. We applaud this defeat to the Treaty of Nice.

All together against the Europe of the Monopolies!

In Gothenburg, a few days ago, tens of thousands of demonstrators, among them many trade unionists, denounced the Europe of the monopolies which is seeking to expand further and further towards the East. The leaders of the EU [European Union] have responded with lies and repression.

All together against the Europe of reaction!

The demonstrators also denounced the revival of nuclear arms that USA imperialism seeks to impose on the world.

We say NO to the war policy of imperialism

Under the pressure of the workers and the peoples, the meeting of the IMF, which was supposed to take place on June 24 in Barcelona, has been postponed. Nevertheless, the demonstrations took place.

Down with the IMF and the World Bank, tools of the monopolies against the workers and the peoples

From Europe to Africa, from Latin America to Asia, capital's policies are the same all over: more work flexibility, more work under precarious conditions, more unemployment, reduction in wages, reduction and denial of social rights, repression against class militants and class trade unions. Everywhere, the response of the workers is increasing in force and radicalism.

Throughout the whole American continent, struggle is being organized against the threats of imperialism, particularly against North American imperialism, which seeks to impose a single continental market for its product and its capital through the FTAA [Free Trade Agreement of the Americas]. It is a real war machine against all the workers of the continent, a machine which is destroying their rights, to subject them to the exploitation of the monopolies. Together with the workers of the Americas, we say:

No to the FTAA

The workers and the peoples of Ecuador have been struggling for years against this policy which has taken concrete form in the total dollarization. This rebellious people has many times kicked out the corrupt and sold out leaders, by uniting in powerful popular uprisings. We extend our solidarity with their class organizations, particularly the UGTE [General Union of the Workers of Ecuador] and the anti-imperialist and democratic organizations such as the Popular Front.

The interference of North American imperialism is also developing on the military level. The so-called ‘Plan Colombia,’ falsely presented as a plan against drug dealing, is reinforcing the military presence of Yankee imperialism in the region in which the peoples are rejecting its domination. This plan seeks to impose by force of arms the neo-liberal policies directed mainly against the workers. Together with the workers of Colombia and other countries, we say:

No to the Plan Colombia!
Yankee bases out of Colombia,
Ecuador and other countries!

In Africa, the failure of the structural adjustment plans imposed by the IMF and the World Bank, tools of the imperialist powers, especially France and today the European Union, is evident. For the workers and peasants, these plans mean more misery and unemployment. Together with the class organizations of these countries, especially the CGTB [General Confederation of the Workers of Burkina Faso] of Burkina Faso and the CSTB [Confederation of Trade Unions of Benin] of Benin, we say:

IMF out of Africa!
Down with the structural adjustment plans!

We would like to express our support to the movement of the ‘undocumented’ which is developing in Europe; if the majority of them come from Africa, this is precisely because colonialism and imperialism are forcing millions of men and women to flee the misery and wars that are destroying their countries.

Solidarity as well with the heroic people of Palestine, who are struggling for their legitimate national rights which are denied by Zionism and imperialism. We denounce the barbaric war which the Israeli national union government is carrying out, which has caused the deaths of hundreds of Palestinians, wounded thousands more and which is driving the Palestinian workers into total misery.

We demand the breaking off of relations, especially economic and military relations, between the European Union and Israel. We promise to develop a broad current of solidarity of the workers with the struggle of the Palestinian people and their organizations, especially with the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU).

Solidarity with the workers of Asia who are struggling against the same policy of imperialism. Today, in South Korea, more than 550 workers and trade unionists have been imprisoned for their struggle against the policy of neo-liberal adjustment which the government is imposing. We demand their freedom and express our support to the Trade Union Confederation KCTU [Korean Confederation of Trade Unions].

Solidarity as well with the workers of Russia, where capital and imperialism are imposing with fire and blood the ‘market economy’ that is creating misery. The IMF, with the help of Putin, seeks to impose a new legislation which will worsen the conditions of life and work for the workers and their conditions of organization. This will throw them back by decades. Together with the organizations of the workers of Russia, we denounce this large-scale attack.

Among the concrete decisions taken for the development of our common work of international solidarity, we have decided to publish a bulletin and establish an international coordination committee. This will be in charge of the preparations for the next international meeting of trade unionists.

Bourges, June 24, 2001

From: ‘En Marcha’
Organ of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador
July 11-18, 2001

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