Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. VII, No. 1, April 2001

The Imperialist Offensive and Indian Agriculture
Sketch by Bibhas Das

Editorial Comments:

Assam: Of Massacres and Political Cynicism, Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti.

The Imperialist Offensive and Indian Agriculture, N. Bhattacharyya.

From the Welfare State to the Neo-Liberal State, L’Aut journal.

The Forgery of the ‘Lenin Testament’, V.A. Sakharov.

The Talk of J.V. Stalin and Maurice Thorez (November 19th, 1944).

The Discussions of S.A. Dange with the C.P.S.U.(b). (July-September, 1947).

A portrait of Julius Fucik secretly drawn by the Czech artist Zdenek Dvorak, who was later tortured to death by the fascists in Auschwitz.

Albania: Political Developments Since the Death of Enver Hoxha, Unified Communist Party of Albania.

Palestine: The Intifada for Independence. But...? Nayef Hawatmeh.

Burkina Faso: Declaration of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Upper Volta and the Workers’ Communist Party of France on the Intrigues of French Imperialism Against Upper Volta, Called Burkina Faso.

Declaration of the International Trade Union Conference Held in Annecy, France, September-October 2000.

Obituaries: Rex Holliss, Jack Shulman, Ernie Trory

The Poetry of Feliks Chuyev.

The Limits of Bourgeois Law: The Supreme Court and the Narmada Bachao Andolan, C.N. Subramaniam.

Poshitra Special Economic Zone: Globalizers Plan For Creating a Mass Graveyard for Man and Nature, Sonal Mehta.

Subhas Chandra Bose in Nazi Germany, Sisir K. Majumdar.

Reviews: The Videshi Roots of Hindutva, Tariq Anwar.

Where Has Mohammad Singh Azad Gone?, Chaman Lal.

Delhi University: Resist Privatisation and Strive for Democratisation of Higher Education, Forum for Democratic Struggle.

Lockout at Maruti, Workers’ Solidarity.

On the Film ‘The Great Life’, J.V. Stalin.


Viktor Koretsky: 'In the U.S.S.R. all power belongs to the working people of town and country as represented by the Soviet of Working People's Deputies', Article 3 of the Soviet Constitution. (1947)

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