By Burning Innocent Children Alive They Defend a Religion in Danger!

A Christian missionary has been burnt alive together with his two children (aged 6 and 10 years) in Keonjhar, Orissa. The RSS and its mass fronts such as the B.J.P., the V.H.P. and the Bajrang Dal have expressed their joy over this event and are propagating the view that the missionary himself was responsible for these deaths as he had become a danger to the Hindu religion. His two innocent children are also being held responsible for this sin. In the name of religion fascist criminals are openly defying human values. Barring these fascist forces the entire country has been grief-stricken by these barbaric murders.

The Christians are not the only target of this violent campaign of the fascists. In fact their target is the whole country and the entire humanity. Sometimes by way of anti-Muslim propaganda and sometimes by their anti-Christian campaigns the common people are being terrorised. The brutal killings of 23 dalits in Bihar by the Ranvir Sena which has connections with the BJP was a link in this fascist campaign.

History has witnessed the results of international fascism during the Second World War when millions of innocent men, women and children were murdered in the gas chambers merely because they belonged to the Jewish community. Initiating an anti-semitic campaign the Nazis ultimately enslaved the entire German nation and began military campaigns to enslave other nations. The Red Army inflicted defeat on the Nazis, Hitler committed suicide and the other war criminals were punished by the International Tribunal at Nuremburg. When the accounts of the inhuman crimes of fascism came to light after the war it was difficult for them to show their faces. Now after half a century these black forces are bent upon repeating these developments in this country. Hardly as the news of the gang-rape of nuns in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh had come, the violent campaign began against the religious minorities in Gujarat, Orissa, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. Once again a new phase of terror directed against the religious minorities has started.

The Sangh Parivar plans to convert the whole country into a cemetary for the religious minorities. Whether it is a question of building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya or disrupting the visit of the Pakistani cricket team in India the objective of the fascists is to divide the people and impose a naked fascist dictatorship. In foreign policy the fascists want to aggravate India's relations with her neighbours and provoke war hysteria and internally they wish to foster domestic divisions to bring about an authoritarian regime.

The paper tigers who threaten neighbouring Pakistan kowtow to US imperialism. The Shiv Sena which made the arrangements for the Michael Jackson Show in Mumbai have opposed the matches with the Pakistani cricket team. While the common people are being set on fire the Prime Minister, instead of taking action against the murderers, has issued a clean-chit to them and has gone on a farcical fast for 'communal harmony'. In place of condemning the murders he has demanded a debate on 'religious conversions' by which a hollow debate is to act as a substitute for taking action against the misdeeds of the fascists.

The international system of capitalism today is under the sway of unparalleled crisis, price-hikes, a unemployment and crime, all is out of control. The official promises of the governments are proved to be fruitless, and day by day it is becoming impossible for the ruling classes to continue the old modes of rule. It is at this juncture that the fascist forces have come forward in defence of the rule of capital. Violence is not only being propagated but is being openly practised.

In the fields of the arts, sciences and politics people are being told that either they follow the fascist code of conduct in silence or they should prepare themselves to face violence. Attacks on religious places have become a routine phenomenon. Religious fundamentalism is being promoted and violence is being threatened against expressions of reason and thought. The 'cultural nationalism' propagated by the RSS has become a death warrant for the people of the country, particularly for the religious minorities. Today the Christians, tomorrow the Muslims, Sikhs and Parsis, a policy of targetting them one by one has been implemented.

If the Ramrajya of the fascists is to be founded on the corpses of the innocent then such a Ramrajya has to be condemned. The people of the country would not allow such a Ramrajya to come into existence. The Sangh Parivar would suffer the same fate that international fascism suffered in the Second World War. By their attacks on the religious minorities they are digging their own graves.

31st January 1999

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