From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Our Canadian Council and Editorial Board of 'Northstar Compass' want to wish you the best of the New Year - may it be peaceful and may the changes that we are striving for be realized!.

The Editorial Board of NSC is approaching you with a request to be a member of our Board and thus having your name on the Masthead of NSC. We feel that it would be both beneficial and produce the desired objective of our journal being read in countries all over the world.

We feel that the addition of your name will help to improve the journal with your articles and comments. Please consider this request seriously and let us know as quickly as possible.

On behalf of the Canadian Council and Editorial Board NSC

Michael Lucas,
President, Concerned Friends of Soviet People,
Editor, 'Northstar Compass'.

From: Moscow, Russia

I am sending you all the latest copies of the newspapers of the Russian Communist Workers' Party, 'Molniya' and 'Trudovaya Rossiya'. From the others you will become aware of the other oppositional periodicals. The newspaper 'Faithfulness' is one of the newest and it is rather strange, but on Lenin they are not so bad. However, the chief editor who formerly worked at the Lenin Museum, is anti-Stalinist. Zyuganov initially had financially helped it by giving 500,000 roubles to help each of the first 3 issues. But the last issue was so negative, containing material of the former dissident Aborin-Yegites (now a French citizen) that even at the IIIrd Congress of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation it was forbidden to sell it. I wonder what the editorship will do now without financial help.

The other periodicals: 'Hammer and Sickle' and 'What is to be Done' will be of interest to you. Besides I am sending the materials of the II Congress of the People of the USSR. You will find many familiar names there.

Earlier we were busy in collecting clothes and money for the people who suffered in Checheniya. This enormous collection took a long time to send as the party is not so rich while transport costs several millions of roubles.

With Best Regards,
Elena Lavrina.

From: Vladikavkaz, Northern Ossetia, Russia

We represent the New Communist Youth Organisation Krasnaya Molodyozh which stands on Bolshevist, Leninist-Stalinist positions, We struggle for the rebirth of Soviet power, the USSR, and for the construction of Socialism and Communism throughout the World.

We are pleased to establish relations with you.

The first two issues of Revolutionary Democracy have been received by us.

It is our view that the publication of the journal Revolutionary Democracy is a great deed which benefits the forces of revolution. We wish that it carries more materials of the Communist, Workers and liberation struggles in the world in addition to the theoretical articles. Such materials are important for Soviet Communists, and, certainly, for revolutionaries in other countries.

Our organisation left the A-UCP(B) which is led by N. Andreyeva. We worked with them from 1989 in the 'Edinstvo' in Ordzhonikidze (Vladikavkaz was formerly Ordzhonikidze, it is the capital of North Ossetia). Later the newspaper 'Edinstvo' was transformed into 'The Bolshevik of Ossetia'. I was the editor of the newspaper until the middle of 1994. In this period we brought out three issues of the newspaper in all. At this time amongst out groups of activists, basically youth, there cropped up differences of opinion with the CC of the A-UCP(B), and with the local leadership of M. Kochiev. To their theoretical diffuseness was added organisational collapse. Such a party which was not united with the working class did not become a workers' party. The work of the CC took it to foreign journeys and paper activity; the local andreyevites organised tiny monthly meetings (of 30-70 passers by). We are also against the tactic of boycott of the election, now is the very time for Bolsheviks to participate in the elections.

From the middle of 1994 our comrades are occupied in creating a revolutionary youth organisation, eliminating different types of obstacles. We supported the initiative of A. Lapin to re-establish the party. We are most anxious to know your opinions on these questions.

We are very interested to learn of the movement in India.

With Communist Greetings,

V. Gabanov,
'Krasnaya Molodyozh.'

From: New York, U.S.A.

I heartily congratulate you on the second issue of Revolutionary Democracy. I highly encourage you to continue this work which I find crucial for further development.

Best Wishes,

From: Calcutta, West Bengal

We received the packet containing the journal. The introductory notes to Engels' two letters are of immense value. Revolutionary Democracy is really giving a praiseworthy service to the cause of socialism and on the role of Stalin.

Moni Guha.

From: Howrah, West Bengal

Accept my warm communist greetings. I want to draw attention to all of the readers of the first issue of Revolutionary Democracy to the following line.

'The need of the hour was strict pursuance of the line of proletarian internationalism' (p.22). I think that, we, who stand for the cause of revolution, who stand to defend Marxism-Leninism in the era of 'collapse of socialism'; who stand to fight revisionism of all sorts after the death of Stalin (better call it murder), who stand to defend proletarian internationalism and fight against modern revisionism and want to find out the revolutionary theory with the experience of dictatorship of the proletariat should stand on this point. Only from the standpoint of proletarian internationalism can we get the standard to make an appraisal of the Khrushchevite counter-revolution as well as Maoism. If we point out that in the era of Socialism in more than one country 'the need of the hour was strict pursuance of the line of proletarian internationalism' then only can we realise fully the role of Lenin on the problems of the Communist Party (Problems of the RSDLP and the Special Character of the Communist Party). Only then can we say that Comrade Stalin was not only a Leader but also a Martyr.

Gopal Bhattacharya.

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