From: International Committee of the Revolutionary Alliance of Labour (Serbia),
To: Macedonian, Croatian, Albanian, and Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, and Bosnian, Montenegrin and Slovenian communists

Balkans Marxist-Leninist Platform

1. The need for a bolshevized vanguard Marxist-Leninist communist parties and organizations in the Balkans countries.

2. Need for a national and social program of the revolution on the Balkans and its countries. Balkans peoples to unite in the struggle for driving out the imperialists of all kinds; ruthless struggle against all forms of chauvinism. Developing the principles of free, independent, democratic – socialist Balkans.

3. The question of taking peoples’ democratic power and building of socialism; place and a perspective of Balkan Federation in this question.

4. Question of democratic peoples’ fronts and movements, with legal and mass forms of organization – which Marxist-Leninist communists in all of the Balkans countries should gather around themselves in revolutionary struggle against the imperialist crisis. Wide fronts that unite workers, peoples, youth, professionals and intelligentsia, women, ecological and other progressive movements, farmers, middle urban, peasant and other impoverished strata that are struck by the sharpening general capitalist crisis.  

The practice of a victorious using of this strategy can be found in historic Peoples Liberation Movement on the Balkans; as in Peoples, Democratic, National Liberation and Fatherland Fronts in respective countries; contemporary examples on the Balkans and in the world.

5. Question of the single Balkans Peoples’ Revolutionary Committee that connects and unites national Marxist-Leninist communist organizations; subcommittees for special regions. Taking into consideration present conditions of the communist and workers and people’s liberation movements on the Balkans, and conditions of evermore sharpening general capitalist crisis, the Committee should consider practicing highest possible centralization and discipline; geographical center of the Committee and its school for educating and developing revolutionary cadres; authority to relocate vanguard cadres; central organ, in a form of a media platform that publishes materials in languages of the Balkans peoples, and also in world languages.

POSTAMBLE: Historical continuers of Balkans Communist Federation, founded by the Communist and Workers Parties from Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey affiliated to the Communist International and led by Georgy Dimitrov. Continuers of the socialist ideals of the only socialist country in Balkans history, that is Socialist Albania led by the Party of Labour and comrade Enver Hoxha. Continuers of the fine revolutionary and democratic ideals of Democratic Yugoslavia, Peoples Bulgaria and Romania, that were in the first stages of Peoples’ Democracies up until 1948 and 1953, after which they became revisionist-capitalist, nationalist bourgeois countries dependent on US imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism and the cradles of the counterrevolution. Continuers of the struggle against all forms of modern revisionism and its chauvinist extensions; against Titoism, the greatest enemy of the communist and workers movement and of Balkans unity and one of the most advanced imperialist shock brigade in worlds history; against Maoism, as a matured Titoism; today’s China is an imperialist country, based on a monopoly capitalist power, that struggles with other imperialist powers such as USA, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, for a worlds markets, sphere of influence and domination. Experiences of building socialism in Leninist-Stalinist USSR. Adhering militantly to the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism and thought of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin.

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