Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XXV, No. 1, October, 2019


Railings from the Soviet Agricultural Exhibition Ground, Moscow, 1940s

Tufail Abbas (1927-2019)
Tufail Abbas during the struggle against Bhutto
in 1974 which led to his arrest
Obituary of a Liberal Democracy: Ushering in Hindu Rashtra, K.B. Saxena

Condition of Indian Labouring Masses, C.N. Subramaniam

Labour Laws for Companies, Not Workers, NTUI.

Stop the Privatisation of Ordnance Factories: Stand with Ordnance Workers in Their Countrywide Strike, NTUI

Chasing a Mirage: Foreign Investment to Revive the Economy and Create Employment: The Budget 2019-20, KBS

Joint Statement on the Current Situation in Jammu & Kashmir, RD and PMM

Tufail Abbas Passes Away, Dawn Newspaper

From the Memoirs of Tufail Abbas 1927-2019

Tufail Abbas: Obituary Notices

Arun Kumar Roy (1935-2019)

The Developments in Ecuador, Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador

We Will Not Carry This Burden, No To War In Syria!, Labour Party (EMEP)

Turkey’s Euphrates Operation in Syria: Erdogan’s Goals and Realities, Yusuf Karatas

The Bolivian Peoples are Standing up in the Fight Against Populism, Authoritarianism and Repression, Revolutionary Communist Party of Bolivia

What do Zyuganov and Trotsky have in Common? “Market Socialism” Yesterday and Today, Introduction by Bikram Mohan, V. Shapinov

Kautskyism and the Theory of Imperialism (1926), E. Leikin

On the Activities of the Communist Party of India (1947), CPSU (b)

The Victory Over the Right-Wing Nationalist Group within the Polish Workers’ Party Has Paved the Way Towards the Unity of the Working Class and Socialist Construction, (1952), Frantsishek Yuzyak (Vitold)

Togliatti and the Question of Fascism (1953), Marcella and Maurizio Ferrara

An Attack on Stalin is an Attack on Revolutionary Marxism, (April, 1956), Parimal Dasgupta

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