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On the Activities of the Communist Party of India (1947)

CPSU (b)

This Soviet document on the activities of the CPI comes from the Suslov holding in the RGANI, Moscow. It does not carry the author s name nor indeed the day or month it was prepared in 1947. In the post-independence period such analyses were prepared by V. Grigorian on behalf of the Foreign Policy Commission of the CC of the CPSU (b) and presented to the Politburo of the party. A number of these presentations have already been published in this journal. They are important as they successively evaluate the situation of the Indian communist party. In terms of dating this document the Suslov file begins from 18th August 1946 and ends on 28th February 1948. The documents after the one below are followed by the invitation dated 27 December 1947 by P.C. Joshi, General Secretary of the CPI, to the CPSU (b) to the Second Congress of the party to be held in Calcutta in February 1948 and then the draft greetings prepared by Suslov on behalf of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b). This presentation is of interest in general terms as it analyses the situation in India and the role of the CPI just after the transfer of power. Particularly it evaluates the politics of the P.C. Joshi leadership pointing to its illusions about the British Labour Party in the transfer of power. On the question of Pakistan it is suggested that the CPI dropped its support for the reactionary slogan of Pakistan in 1945 under the impact of the CPGB rather than in early 1946 when R.P. Dutt visited India. The CPI it is said here correctly pointed out the role of imperialism in dividing India but did not understand that the Muslim masses supported the Pakistan slogan as consequence of the chauvinism of the reactionary sections of the Hindu bourgeoisie.

Vijay Singh

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