Defeat New Imperialist Plan to Partition Kashmir

Resolution of Central Committee of Communist Party of India

(August 2, 1953)

At the root of the problems of Indo-Pakistani relations lies the Kashmir dispute. Both states deny the right of self-determination to the peoples of Jammu and Kashmir. Here we publish an important document of the Communist Party of India of August, 1953 which deals with the situation at that time. It does not directly pertain to the current phase of the dispute in the subcontinent. While Marxists recognise the right of nations to self- determination they consider that the forms of this may be secession, autonomy or federation. When deciding on the question the overall impact of the form of self determination on the democratic movement has to be taken into account. In accordance with these norms the Communist Party in the period 1951-53 took its decisions considering that the needs of democracy were better met by connections between Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Union. 2019 is not 1953. A new assessment would be required today given the virtual military occupation and intense oppression in that region which has led to tens of thousands of deaths.

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