From Wroclaw, Poland.

Dear Comrades from India of “Revolutionary Democracy” – New Delhi

Many greetings and best wishes for New Year 2019.

Many good results for your struggle against capitalism and for the Socialist Revolution and not only in India.

Thank you for regularly sending to me your very interesting, informative “RD”, it gives me many articles, information, historical analysis, opinions etc.


In the Annex see our (2 authors) new version of the book “History of Struggle for Classless Society and it Perspective (from Marx until near future”). Poland, 2019, pp. 330.

You can it exploit in your work.


Zbigniew Wiktor,
Jan. 11, 2019.

From Chandigarh, India.

The Bourgeois media is very powerful and is dominating the Press in the whole World and is therefore able to suppress and conceal many many truths. A vast majority of the people remain unaware and ignorant of the facts. That is how even the well-educated people are taken in by the likes of Hitler and Trump. Religion is an another factor which keeps the people in the dark and then there are games like Cricket which play an important role in diverting the people’s minds away from gaining knowledge. There are very few publications in the world which are able to highlight realities and factual situations.

It is a matter of pride that ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ has been trying to dispel the untruths from the minds of many intellectuals who are able to go through this publication. It is bringing out highly researched material on many important subjects. One has to work very hard to excavate the same.

I am not a voracious reader and have not yet read every article in the latest issue, but what I have read, is precious and has added to my knowledge.

Yours Comradely
Amar Kant

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