Obituary for Comrade Tufail Abbas

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the demise of Comrade Tufail Abbas (1927-2019) on Sunday. Comrade Abbas was a leader of the trade union of Pakistan from the early days of the foundation of the country when he was involved wtih the Orient Airways Employees Union later the Pakistan International Airline. From there, today, the Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz, which he founded and headed, functions in the trade union movement in all the provinces throughout the country.  From the early days he headed the developing  communist movement in  Pakistan. For his pains he was arrested and tortured many a time under the various regimes which held sway in the country and which sustained imperialism, feudalism and military rule.  Along with  Hassan Nasir, Shafiq, Azhar Abbas, and Zaki Abbas he guided the communist movement over several decades. The circles headed by Tufail sahib were in the forefront of the ideological struggle against Soviet and Chinese revisionism which in Pakistan as in India have been retarding factors in the onward march of the movement for People’s Democracy. He upheld the view that the feudal forces were the main enemy of the people of Pakistan. His support for the ideological principles of Lenin, Stalin and Socialist Albania stood the communist movement in Pakistan in good stead over the decades. Tufail sahib observed developments in India with great concern. He expressed the view that as long as the communist movement in India did not adopt a scientific line, there can be no revolutionary movement in the region. At this time of sorrow and grief we extend our solidarity with the comrades and family of comrade Tufail Abbas.

Comrade Tufail Abbas ko Lal Salaam!

Comrade Tufail Abbas Amar Rahein!

Organisation “Revolutionary Democracy”, India.

10th September 2019.

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