Declaration of the PCRCI on the Crisis in Education

(March 19, 2019)

For almost two months, the Ivorian school has been in turmoil. In fact, the school’s partner trade union organizations have filed a series of legitimate demands of which the housing allowance is the backbone.

In response, the government is pursuing union officials, jailing them, suspending their salaries and even freezing the bank accounts of all strikers to force them to resume classes. No concrete proposal has been made to the unions besides the brutal, illegal force of an exhausted power.

Under what laws of the republic can the government order the freezing of the bank accounts of the strikers? By disregarding the laws in the actions that it carries out, the power of Ouattara undoubtedly is sinking into despotism.

That is why the Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast (PCRCI), in constant fight against the dictatorial shifts, the violations of the rights of the workers,

The Secretary General
Ekissi Achy.

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