Letter of the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the RCP (B.), I. V. Stalin, to the Secretary of the Tsaritsyn Provincial Committee of the RCP (B), B. P. Sheboldaev

(January 25, 1925)

Secretary of the Tsaritsyn Gubkom

Comrade Sheboldaev.

I have learned that some people want Tsaritsyn to be renamed Stalingrad. I have also learned that Minin is seeking to have it renamed Miningrad. I also know that you have postponed the Congress of Soviets because of my absence, and you are thinking of performing the renaming procedure in my presence. All this creates an awkward situation for you, and especially for me. I beg you to keep in mind that:

  1.  I did not seek and do not seek the renaming of Tsaritsyn to Stalingrad;
  2.  This matter was begun without me and apart from me;
  3.  If it is necessary to rename Tsaritsyn, call it Miningrad or something else;
  4.  If you’ve made too much noise about Stalingrad and now it’s difficult for you to abandon the case, do not drag me into this business and do not demand my presence at the Congress of Soviets, otherwise you may get the impression that I am seeking the renaming;
  5.  Believe me, comrade, that I do not seek either fame, or honour, and would not want the opposite impression to be created.

With communist greetings,
I. Stalin

Istochnik, 3, 2003, pp. 54-5,

RGASPI. F.558, Op.11., D. 831., L. 44. Typed, Facsimile Signature.

Courtesy. Jochen Hellbeck, https://www.greanvillepost.com/2018/10/08/facing-stalingrad/

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