From Rajasthan, India

Dear Comrades,

I am a P.B. member of MCI (IU) and a regular reader of Revolutionary Democracy I have been given the responsibility to publish the Party Organ’ People‘s Call’ and regular issues have come out. After your due permission, we have earlier also printed some articles in the paper.

I have recently received the April, 2018 issue of the Revolutionary Democracy and getting enriched by the articles published. I would like to express that the issue is a true teacher of the Marxism today in Indian circumstances and draws guidelines for the People‘s Democratic Revolution.

Comrades, we are wishing to publish an article on Karl Marx ‘s centenary in our forthcoming issue. After going through the Editorial of Revolutionary Democracy on Karl Marx I have felt that it is most comprehensive and ideological article on the subject and time. I think that our party cadre and readers will be enriched by going through it. Therefore, you please render your permission to publish it.

With Regards

Comradely Yours
Mahendra Neh

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