From: Kolkata

Dear Vijay Singh,

Just received the October, 2017 issue of Revolutionary Democracy. Parimal Dasgupta’s article is interesting. I participated in the debate when it was first written and published. Also I discussed it with Parimal Babu himself many a time. He could not elaborate his ideas further because the Naxalite leadership did not want to continue the debate. I worked with him very closely in his West Bengal State Electricity Board Workers’ Union for long— it was the most radicalised labour union of the day. Last year I collected some old documents from Gait Disrupt (Parimal Babe’s wife) hopefully to publish some of them in the wake of the 50th anniversary of the Naxalbari rebellion. Unfortunately, I lost all of them due to circumstances beyond my control. I would like to publish the RD piece.

In truth the CPM leadership had always been uncomfortable with his strong presence in the TU movement because he was a bitter critic of their reformism. Also, the Naxalite leadership found a potential political-ideological threat in him. So they tried to isolate him right from the beginning. CPI-ML splintered into so many factions because of the unfinished ideological debate before the formation of the Party.

Well, the 50th anniversary number of Frontier is not far away. I request you to contribute a piece for this number. Then our days are numbered—almost every year I have to attend one or two memorial meetings. Enclosed is an appeal to save Frontier, some life members are desperately needed because that is the only way to keep Samar Sen’s legacy alive. Please circulate the appeal among well wishers and politically sensitive persons with your personal note.

All the best,
Timir Basu.

16th December 2017

From: Wroclaw, Poland

Dear Comrade,

Many greetings and best wishes for the 2018 year to your publication and your noble struggle against capitalism and for Socialism from Poland and from Prof. Zbigniew Wiktor of the university city of Wroclaw and of course from our Communist Party of Poland.

Thank you very much for systematically sending me your very interesting half-yearly journal ‘Revolutionary Democracy’. I read every issue with great interest and it gives me many historical, theoretical articles, opinions and analyses especially about the Indian revolutionary movement. Every issue is important for my political and scientific activity in Poland. Once more thank you and congratulations! I am sending to you my last article about the October Revolution (in German).

Zbigniew Wiktor

From: Bhaktapur, Nepal

Dear Friends of the Editorial Board Revolutionary Democracy,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Narayan Man Bijukchhen (Rohit), Chairman of the Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party. We received your publication Revolutionary Democracy Vol. xxiii, No. 1 October 2017. Thank you for the publication. We translate the articles and information of the publication in Nepali language and republish in our publications Weekly Worker and Daily Worker to educate our friends and readers. We hope you would like to send your publications to us in the days to come.

With Revolutionary greetings and Red Salute!

Prem Suwal,
Secretary, Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party,
Member, Peoples Representatives, Nepal.

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