Evo Morales Opens the Doors to Fracking,
Attacks Tariquia and
Signs More Contracts with His Transnational ‘Partners’

At the event “Inversiones Gas y Petroleo Tarija”, held in early April of this year in Tarija, the government reinforced its dependency relationship with transnational companies such as Shell, Repsol, Vintage, Petrobras and Cancabria. With this last company an agreement has been signed to carry out exploration by means of fracking, a technique that is highly questioned worldwide due to the damage to the environment caused by the fracturing of the rock through the application of very high pressure. Likewise, hydrocarbon exploration is opened in the Tariquia Nature Reserve, despite the protests of community members against the extractivist model that the government seeks to impose in that region.

We denounce the extractivist, conciliationist, and pro-transnational policy of the government of Evo Morales, which maintains and deepens the anti-national economic model against which the Bolivian people rose in 2003.

The revolutionary communists of Bolivia consider as urgent the task of building a patriotic front fighting for the October Agenda, the true nationalization of our natural resources, the defence of our natural reserves and national parks, respect for the self-determination of the indigenous peoples, and a new model of sustainable development that drastically breaks with the extractivist and conciliationist vision.

La Paz, April 24, 2018

Revolutionary Communist Party of Bolivia

Translation by Red Phoenix Staff

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