Unfinished Revolution

Santosh Rana

The author of this article on the history of the Naxalite movement is a leader of the Provisional Central Committee of the CPI ML. He gives a masterly analysis of the origins of this struggle, the role of the CPIM, the deviations of the CPI ML under the leadership of Charu Majumdar and the attempts to rectify these errors. The history of the CPI ML groups after Charu Majumdar is sketched out and evaluated. Even though the PCC CPI ML for some years has been positively orientated to the Programme and Tactical Line of the CPI of 1951 Santosh Rana does not elucidate the profound divergences between the CPI understanding of 1951 and the theory and practice of the CPI ML. Indeed he does not comment on the sharp attacks of Charu Majumdar and his comrades on the programme and tactical line as had been elaborated in 1951 after the discussions between the CPI leadership and the representatives of the CPSU (b).

Vijay Singh

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