Abidjan, December 1, 2017

Arrest of the Honorable Gnangbo KACOU! The authority of Ouattara is at bay

We have just learned from the online press Koaci.com that the Honorable Gnangbo Kacou has just been arrested by the Directorate of Territorial Surveillance (DST) in Noé today, December 1st, at around 9.30 am and taken to Abidjan. This information was also confirmed by journalists on site. All the other demonstrators have been dispersed. All the press has been blocked in Aboisso.

Let us recall that for several months, the honorable former deputy of Adiaké and candidate in the presidential elections of 2015, announced to the people of Ivory Coast his wish to organize a peaceful march on December 1, 2017, from Noé to Abidjan (198 km), to ask the Ouattara authority on the one hand to release the many people incarcerated in prisons for years for political reasons and without trial and on the other hand to diligently allow the many political exiles to return to the Ivory Coast.

This announced march did not take place because Ouattara’s authority decided it. This is further evidence that his authority is at bay, if he was afraid of a peaceful march to ask for PARDON. This authority is so sensitive that NGOs who want to make their contribution to the summit of the European Union and the African Union, outside the official organization, have been repressed unceremoniously; students organized within FESCI {Student Federation of the Ivory Coast] who wanted to submit a memorandum on the situation of the student youth and to propose solutions to participants in this international forum, have been hunted by the military. Ouattara is afraid and every day violates the basic freedoms of coming and going, of demonstratioons, meetings and of expression a little more "savagely".

That's why the Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast

– Condemns the arbitrary arrest of the Honorable Gnangbo Kacou and assures him of his unwavering support

– Demands his immediate and unconditional release so that he can use his right to walk from any corner of the Ivory Coast to another if he wants to express his opinion on the governance of Ouattara

– Calls on the peoples of the Ivory Coast to take full measure of the totalitarian drift of Ouattara’s authority and to organize themselves firmly for a credible democratic alternative.

For the Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast

Achy Ekissi
General Secretary

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