The October Revolution of 1917 and the National Question: New Writings

J.V. Stalin

The following texts of Stalin on the national question during the course of the Russian revolution in 1917 relate to Ukraine and the Muslim nationalities of the Tsarist empire. The works stress yet again the centrality of the democratic notion of the right to self-determination up to the right of secession which was upheld by the Bolshevik Party under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin and which became the basis of the free federation of nations which established in time the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The writings have not been published before in English and so augment the extant works which were published in the Soviet Union in 13 volumes after the Second World War. This selection has been made possible as a result of the current ongoing publication of the Works of Stalin undertaken by the Workers University named after I.V Klebnikov, based in Moscow, under the general editorship of Prof. Richard Kosolapov.

Vijay Singh

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