Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. XXII, No. 2, April, 2017

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz
Release all Maruti-Suzuki Workers Now! NTUI

Demonetisation in the Largest Democracy, N.K. Bhattacharyya

Two Budgets, Differing Contexts, but a Single Thrust, Fiscal Consolidation and Reduction in Social Development, Part 1, K.B. Saxena

Chant of the Masked People, Nirmalangshu Mukherji

Kashmir: When Ignorance Begets Tragedy and Farce, Gautam Navlakha

Bharat Bandh: Most Successful General Strike Ever Despite Detentions

Drought 2014-15, Jaya Mehta

Whither War of Aggression, Malem Ningthouja

The Dream of Being in the Donbass, Sergei Golovchenko

Syria: Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) Interview

Turkey: Step by Step Moving Towards a Dictatorship, EMEP

Modern Social Reformism and the KKE, EMEP

NUMSA and the Crisis in South Africa Today

The SecretMission of A.I. Mikoyan to China (January-February 1949), A. Ledovsky

Concerning the Situation in Japan, (January 8, 1950), J.V Stalin

For the Motherland! For Stalin! From the history of political protests in the USSR, Lavrentiy Gurdzhiyev

Report on 22nd Party Congress of the CPSU (April 1962), Jagjit Singh Lyallpuri, Promode Das Gupta 

The Peasantry and Industrialisation in the Soviet Union and People’s China, Vijay Singh

Trotskyism’s Latest Sortie (1932), L. Kasharsky

Obituaries: Fidel Castro (1926-2016), ICMLPO

Yevgeny Ya. Dzhugashvili (1936-2016), Lavrentiy Gurdzhiev

Elya Kerimova, (1952-2015), Proletarskaya Gazeta

Against Formalism and ‘Leftist’ Ugliness in Art, Komsomolskaya Pravda

Ho Chi Minh on the Song ‘Mount Stalin’

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