Note of the of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party [PCR] of Brazil on the political crisis

No to the step backward! The solution to the crisis is people’s power!

Since the end of the 2014 elections, when the candidate of the PT [Workers’ Party] Dilma Rousseff beat Aecio Neves of the PSDB [Brazilian Social Democratic Party] with 51.64% of the vote against 48.36%, an intense dispute between the major forces and political parties has been developing in our country.

On the one hand, the parties that were defeated in the elections, backed by the powerful bourgeoisie media and financed by major corporations, such as Fiesp, are taking to the streets and disseminating, through newspapers, radio and TV stations, that the solution to the capitalist economic crisis in our country is the impeachment of Rousseff and the end of the corruption of the PT.

On the other hand, the government of the PT and the PCdoB [Communist Party of Brazil], among others, are fighting to prevent this coup and are also taking to the streets to defend respect for the result of the elections, the so-called "Democratic State of Law" and the social programs implemented in the two governments of Lula and the two terms of Dilma.

It is important to note that they both are defending the continued looting of the public resources to enrich the financial oligarchy, the payment of interest on the public debt and openly defending the policy of privatization and of state support to the large monopolies and agribusiness.

Defeating the putschist right wing and stopping the step backward

However, the demonstrations for impeachment are notable for the absence of the working class and the vast majority of the country's poor. As noted in the report in the bourgeois newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, they are predominantly made up of the middle class with designer clothes, the large, medium and small business owners and fascist gangs.

Therefore, we cannot consider that the result of this dispute, whatever it is, does not matter, who is defeated or who is victorious. Such a position is a mistake; it underestimates what a government of the PMDB [Brazilian Democratic Movement Party] in alliance with the PSDB, the DEM [Democrats] and the most reactionary forces in the country would be.

In fact, the impeachment of Rousseff would mean Michel Temer taking the office of the Presidency. He is an opportunist who will spare no effort to please the big national and international bourgeoisie and U.S. imperialism and who, despite his liberal facade, has entrenched dictatorial tendencies. This would be a government that, under the false label of "national salvation," would do everything to defend the financial oligarchy and place the consequences of the deep crisis of the capitalist economy on the shoulders of the working class. So, it would not hesitate to adopt measures that strike at the workers and national sovereignty, such as the limitation of the right to strike, the laws for the flexibility of labor, the extension of working hours, the end of the minimum wage, the sale of Petrobras, the privatization of the Bank of Brazil, of the Savings Bank and the Post Office, the ferocious persecution of the revolutionaries, the repression of the social movements, and would impose restrictions on freedom of expression and demonstration.

On the other hand, the continuation in office of the Dilma government, although it would continue the fiscal adjustment and measures such as the pension reform, privatization and the adoption of the "Anti-Terrorism Act," cannot suppress the people's movement and attack the unions, because it would lose whatever support it still has among the Brazilian working class and people.

Undoubtedly, we are living in a new political situation. The demonstrations are increasingly taking place and we cannot act now as if they are not happening. It is therefore the task of all the revolutionary communists to prevent a further step backward to the few and limited democratic freedoms we still have. This means being against the impeachment of Rousseff and against the rise of Temer to power, because if today is already bad for the workers, with the PMDB, DEM and PSDB in the government, it would be even worse.

However, we know that the PT and the PCdoB betrayed the interests of the working class, were corrupted by the bourgeoisie and adopted bourgeois conceptions body and soul, that is, capitalism, the defense of sacred private property and the exploitation of man by man.

In fact, to finance their election campaigns that cost millions, these parties became involved in the vicious circle of corruption and promiscuous relations with the bourgeoisie, which led them to lose the necessary moral authority to wage any serious political struggle in society.

Therefore, they no longer constitute a popular alternative in our country, and we need to lose any illusions about them.

The solution to the crisis is people’s power and socialism

The period of great political strife and debate that we are experiencing in the streets, factories, neighborhoods, universities, schools, in short, in the whole of society, demands that all members of the PCR assume their role at this historic moment. We must fulfill our responsibilities more staunchly and fully put into practice the revolutionary tasks that this moment demands. This means taking the lead in the struggle of the working class for their rights, of the students for a quality education and against budgets cuts, of the poor people for housing and better living conditions and carrying out more agitation in the streets, more brigades of the newspaper A Verdade (The Truth).

The situation does not allow us to wait to see what the powerful will do. On the contrary, we have to go to the factories, the popular neighborhoods, the schools and universities to present our proposals to change the country in favor of the working class and the people; to make clear that the solution to the crisis is people’s power, that it is necessary to immediately stop the hemorrhaging of public money going to the bankers, suspend the payment of interest on the debt, renationalize all the privatized state enterprises, carry out popular agrarian reform, control remittances of profits, tax the big fortunes, establish popular control of the major media, put an end to profiting from education and health, nationalize the companies who are robbing the public treasury, broad freedom of organization and expression, arrest all those involved in corruption and torture, investigate all the crimes of the military dictatorship, arrest all the rapists and abusers of women, reduce working hours, the right to employment, housing for all the homeless families, etc. The solution to the crisis is to put an end to the rule of the rich over the country, it is socialism.

Down with the fiscal adjustment and the payment of the public debt!

Use the people’s money for education, health and housing!

No to impeachment! Temer is worse than Dilma!

For people’s power!

Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR)
March 22, 2016

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