No to the Politics of War, Terror and Misery!
For a Common Front of Struggle of the Working Class and Oppressed People Against Imperialism and Reaction

During the last month the tendency to imperialist war has seen a dangerous acceleration. Recently France, United States, Russia, Germany, UK and other imperialist powers, exploiting the solidarity with the victims of the barbarous attacks in Paris, have intensified their military intervention in Syria, the door of the oil of the Middle East region, declaring themselves in war against the so-called Islamic State.

At the same time, the bourgeois governments increase the military expenses (the austerity politics is applied only for social expenses, not for military ones); take police and repressive measures to immobilize the worker and trade union movement, the young people that express their protest; harden the arbitrary measures against the migrants that escape from the war areas; continue the reactionary transformation of bourgeois States; poison the mind of the masses with racism and islamophobia.

In this scenario, the shooting down of a Russian fighter-bomber by Turkish army embitter the dispute among imperialists and capitalistic powers for the dominion of Syria and the whole region, that could result in a generalized armed clash.

We condemn without reservations the antipopular terrorism that has hit in Turkey, France, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria, Mali, Cameroun, killing a great number of innocent people. It is a reactionary terrorism that aims to maintain peoples in the backwardness, in the subjugation and in the religious obscurantism, that divert their struggles toward purposes useful to the imperialism, that strike the progressive and revolutionary forces.

We denounce the infamous manipulation of these attacks carried out by the imperialist powers and the ruling classes to drag the workers and the peoples in the orbit of a new imperialist war.

The bloody attacks committed by the gangs of the fanatical jihadists are inadmissible. But who has created, armed and supported them?

The jihadist terrorism developed on a ground devastated by decades of armed interventions of US imperialism and its allies in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa, triggered by lies and false pretexts in order to exploit peoples and its natural wealth. It is the direct consequence of the war politics, of imperialist plundering, of plots and interferences that caused millions of victims, abuses, tortures, destruction of city, political destabilization, mass migration, misery and desperation, that produced a reactionary civil war in Iraq and Syria, countries dismembered for redrawing the map of the region.

The leader of imperialist powers are responsible of military interventions that have fed the jihadist fanaticism. They are the ones that supported, armed and used for long years the State terrorism of Zionists and the anti-popular terrorism of Al Qaeda and Daesh to strengthen their dominion. They are the same that sell weapons and make business with the sponsors of the Salafi terrorism, that violate the international laws and commit gigantic crimes against the workers and the peoples.

The “reason” of the armed imperialists intervention in Syria have nothing to do with the interests and the aspirations of the Syrian people, with the liberty of the oppressed peoples, as the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples. The imperialist intervention is at the service of monopolies and inner, regional and international reactionary forces.

The real content of the politics followed by the imperialist powers in Syria, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Africa, in Latin America, is the knife struggle among USA, Russia, China, France, UK, Germany, Turkey etc., for a new partition of the world, of the spheres of influence, of the markets, of the resources of the dependent countries, through a tireless economic war and military operations. It is the struggle of the decrepit and rotting bourgeoisie of the “great nations” for the division and the enslavement of the “small” nations, for increase the super-profits of the financial oligarchy. The element of the contrast to the jihadist terrorism is secondary and doesn’t change the imperialist character of the military intervention.

In this dramatic situation, the behaviour of the leaders of the social- democratic, reformist and revisionist parties it is a real betrayal of the cause of the working class and the peoples, of peace and democracy.

The opportunists vote for the measures and the expenses of war, the state of emergency, declares their agreement with the “sacred union” with the oligarchy; they adopt the politics of oppression of the peoples, repeating the nationalist sentences of the rightwing and the fascists. They transform themselves in an appendix of the imperialist politics and propaganda. For their part, the revisionist recommend to the people to lean on an imperialism, Russian or Chinese, to fight another, the North American. Both embellish imperialism, hide to the eyes of the workers and the peoples the politics of exploitation and oppression of the bourgeois States and the capitalistic monopolies; both betray the cause of the revolution and the liberation of the peoples.

The revolutionary proletariat will not to be deceived by these traitors, but it will act to denounce, to unmask and to defeat the politics of war, of terror, of misery continued by imperialism and the ruling classes in every country.

We demand the withdrawal of all the imperialists and capitalist powers from Syria, Iraq and the other countries of the region, the immediate demobilization of all the foreign troops and the end of every support to the jihadist forces.

We demand the exit from the warmongering alliances and their breakup, the dismantlement of the foreign bases, as those US-NATO existing in our countries!

We say NO to the war expenses, to the rearmament, to the means of militarization applied by the bourgeois governments.

We reject the closing of the borders for the migrant people, the racism and islamophobia.

We refuse the state of emergency imposed in some of our countries. We assert the right of demonstration, of reunion, of strike, we defend the freedom of expression and movement. Let us us organize the most relentless struggle of the exploited and oppressed people against the exploiters and warmongering, on the base of the political and economic interest of the working class, with common actions.

We give our support to the national and social movements of liberation of the oppressed people, defending the right of the oppressed nations to the free self-determination, up to the separation.

Let us fight against nationalism and chauvinism, appealing to the international solidarity of the workers, the labourers and the peoples.

For a common front of struggle of the working class and the oppressed people of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and of the whole world against imperialism, reaction and fascism!

In front of the imperialist capitalistic barbarism the only solution is revolution and socialism!

December 2015

Coordinating Committee of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)

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