Messages of Greetings on the 20th Anniversary of Revolutionary Democracy

From: Tirana, Albania.

To the Editorial Board and All the Contributors of Articles in the Journal ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ on the 20th Anniversary of Its Publication

Dear Comrade Vijay Singh

On the twentieth anniversary of “Revolutionary Democracy” publication, I am pleased to greet you dear comrade Singh, and all its collaborators in India and other countries of the world.

I know your magazine since the beginning of 1997, when I had won freedom from the absurd five-year imprisonment, ordered by President Sali Berisha and his Party, the so called Democratic Party, that came in power by overthrowing and destroying with an unprecedented hatred everything which was built during the socialist system under the leadership of the Party of the Labour of Albania and Enver Hoxha.

Reading your magazine in the suffocating atmosphere of the years 1990-1997, was like a fresh breeze and a hopeful light not only for us Albanian communists, but for all revolutionaries throughout the world. Even in present day Albania, there continues to develop a fierce campaign against the communism, old and young communists, the Anti-Fascist National Liberation War, its veterans and general commander and architect of the socialist state of the People’s Republic of Albania, comrade Enver Hoxha.

I take this opportunity to thank you that in your honoured magazine you have included sometimes the struggle of comrade Enver Hoxha against modern revisionism and the Albanian question. Thank you also, personally, comrade Vijay Singh that showed kindness to publish something from my memoirs.

I am glad that from year to year, your publication ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ was made a worthy international magazine, just because it is giving an important and accurate information about the work of Lenin and Stalin and their war with the internal and external enemies of socialism and revolution. It reflects the retrogressive developments in the East and West as a result of the Khrushchevite modern revisionism betrayal and its followers.

The magazine ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ reflects in its pages current developments throughout the world by analytical and critical eye. It illuminates the minds and raises awareness a growing number of people in world, like worker and peasant, women and youth telling what is causing the economic, financial, political, social, spiritual and moral general crisis of capitalism today.

We have seen confidently and proudly that the predictions of our great teachers Marx-Engels, that capitalism and imperialism will be gravediggers of themselves are proven. The Marxist-Leninist communist parties and their sympathisers in world will learn to exploit this global crisis to raise the revolutionary spirit in their countries and mobilise the broad masses in the struggle for freedom, independence, for citizen and gender equal rights, employment, housing and education.

Revolutionary greetings!

Nexhmije Hoxha
Tirana on 13 January 2015.

From: Leningrad, Russia.

Proletarians of the world, unite!
All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks
Central Committee

19856. Ленинград, Петродворец-6, а/я 36      January 11th 2015
Телефон / факс (812) 427-24-69

To the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy”
Comrade Vijay Singh

Dear Indian friends!

First of all we congratulate you with the New Year 2015. We wish you the best of health, longevity and success in your daily activities.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the first issue of ^Revolutionary Democracy^ please accept our sincerest wishes for your continued success in publishing and distribution of your journal, which has become noticed in the communist press and in the anti-imperialist struggle of the people for Democracy, Peace and Socialism. In recent years the journal has become well-known by organizing the progressive component of states to resist the intensification of fascism in the regimes of imperialist states, displaying concrete methods and forms of struggle with the sprawling new plague of the XXIst century – Nazism and Fascism. US imperialism, currently undergoing the agony of its approaching demise and following Hitler has the one hateful goal – under any circumstances subjugate all the nations of the world, is particularly dangerous to our civilization. Today a tragedy is unfolding in the Ukraine, where power has been seized by pro-American fascist puppets - surrogates of Washington. The end goal of Washington is for the US to conquer Russia, to dismember and destroy the Russian Federation as a state with its immense natural resources. Today war has broken out in the Middle East, in the territory of Africa... WHAT TO DO in the current situation is the question for progressive forces in the planet. The answer: struggle against imperialism and its aggressive policies of hatred. As J.V. Stalin said, «in order to overcome the need for wars, it is necessary to destroy imperialisms. It is because of this that we greet and support YOUR journal «Revolutionary Democracy^, which assists the progressive democratic organizations worldwide to better utilize concrete forms of struggle in concrete historical conditions.

We wish the journal «Revolutionary Democracy^ to gain many new readers and to further its popularization worldwide and for its publications to gain more weight in our common struggle against imperialism, for peace and happiness for the toiling masses.

We are thankful for always receiving copies of your journal «Revolutionary Democracy»

N.A. Andreyeva
Secretary General of the CC of the AUCP

From: Tirana, Albania.

Dear Comrades and friends of the ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ Editorial Board!

Dear readers of ‘Revolutionary Democracy’!

Dear our comrade and friend Vijay Singh!

The first issue of the journal ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ came to us in Albania by hand very quickly after its publication by a friend of our country, who also participated in the International Seminar “STALIN TODAY”, that was held in Moscow on November 5th and 6th, 1994, where unfortunately we were not able to take part for reasons that are described in the statement. However we sent in Moscow a greeting to be part of that meeting with great historical importance for the moment.

Through this publication with its powerful symbolism on its cover and inside with the article “Report on the International Workshop ‘Stalin’ Today ‘ our heart was filled with joy and hope because in that period with much difficulty, when counterrevolutionary forces had abducted the limited residual power from the hands of workers and peasants in Albania and almost non-existent in other countries of the Eastern Europe. They as well as the Nazi-fascists half a century ago attacked with fury the homeland of the world proletariat, Soviet Union, and other countries of Europe, Asia and Africa, this time their followers destroyed barbarously everything remaining of the socialist era in Eastern Europe.

True revolutionaries just like during the Second World War 1939­1945, directed watching and took moral force from the Glorious Red Army with Generalissimo Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, to resist the fascist plague, after 50 years they did the same thing. In Stalin they have found required light and warmth for the minds and hearts, to receive inexhaustible energies for triumph of the revolution in the local and global level.

This symbolism selected with much understanding from our Indian revolutionary comrades was not accidental. During these 20 years ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ like a meteor is shining on the horizon but with a difference. While meteors every day come and it goes out, this journal is growing every day making hundreds of thousands people to be aware of this world plagued by darkness, misinformation, terror and fear, violence, injustice, crime, prostitution, hunger, fraud and all villainy that can be spawned from capital in hands of the bourgeoisie.

‘Revolutionary Democracy’ in each successor number has expanded the addressed issues and the extent of development reaching to represent worthily a world prestigious magazine. It includes analysis of the economic and social issues, class struggle, birth and organising of revolutionary movements and parties, national struggle for freedom and independence, world capitalist system degeneration as result of the deep and versatile crisis etc.

In this prestigious magazine an important place has been dedicated to the literature and art of socialist realism and revolutionary literature in different countries of the world.

A distinct mission and most important for a revolutionary press remains the evidence of work of Marxism-Leninism classics by discrediting strongly with professionalism through real facts the bourgeois-revisionist theories and practices that possess the world media today aiming to cheat and pervert the people with misinformation, slander and intrigue.

The reflection of the glorious history of CPSU led by Lenin and Stalin and the Party of Labour of Albania led by Comrade Enver Hoxha, the struggle for economic and social transformation, against imperialism and all international bourgeoisies, targeting modern revisionism as servants and their bellman represents important facts which make this magazine with incomparable universal values in the last two decades.

We are proud to have our opinions and ideas in this prestigious magazine that is planting revolutionary ideas, orients and mobilises revolutionary forces throughout the world so that there will be born a new future according to the immortal doctrine of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

Further success in your way at the service to humanity and the world proletarian revolution!

Happy 20th anniversary of the journal ‘Revolutionary Democracy’!

Revolutionary greeting from me, the communists and sympathisers from Albania and Kosova!

Dr. Laver Stroka,
Publisher of the Bulletin “16 Tetori”
Albania Today and Yesterday.

Tirana on 13 January 2015.

From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Under the conditions in which we are living to support our work of socialist propaganda, the denunciation of imperialist capitalism that dominates our nations and the tasks placed before the communists, socialists and progressives of our countries, the production of a journal, with regular distribution for more 20 years, is one of the most complex.

The Revolutionary Communist Party - Brazil stands in solidarity with your effort and dedication over the years, with the work of you comrades to raise the consciousness of the workers and people to the level of revolutionary consciousness.

We take the time to also celebrate the militant presence of the Revolutionary Democracy Organisation in the ranks of the ICMLPO and its important contribution to the journal Unity and Struggle, the organ that spreads the struggle and theory of the Marxist- Leninists in the world.

Long live the 20 years of the journal Revolutionary Democracy!

Long Live the Revolutionary Democracy Organisation!

Marcos Villela,
Revolutionary Communist Party of Brazil.

From: Montreal, Canada.

Dear Comrades Vijay Singh and other members of the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy”,

Every issue of “Revolutionary Democracy” is, for our comrades and friends, precious: (1) for its articles and documents on history, economics, politics, social facts, etc.; (2) for the correctness of its line of applying dialectic materialism and historical materialism and the teachings of the great leaders of the proletariat, Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin; (3) for its objectives of developing the ideological, political and organizational unity of the proletariat and the nations in the Indian continent and internationally.

For 20 years, Vijay Singh and the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy” have constituted, with the hundreds of articles they have published, a monument of knowledge on the theories and practices of the class struggles, of the International Communist Movement, of the urban and peasant proletarian revolutionary movements, not only of India, but also of the World.

Our publication, “L’Etoile du Nord”, the French language edition of “Northstar Compass”, organ of the “Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People”, Canada. The objective of the editions in 5 languages of the magazine (English, Nepalese, Russian, Spanish and French), is the reconstruction of the Soviet Union and socialism. The French language edition was published for 10 years by Comrade Adelard Paquin, who waged a very important and staunch struggle for Marxism-Leninism against revisionism and all sorts of opportunism. After the death of our dear comrade, we continued publishing it, although irregularly. Due to the international situation of crisis, fascism and war, the new line of our magazine will be based on the tactic of “United Front against Fascism and War”, adopted in 1935 by the Communist International at its 7th Congress (Report by George Dimitrov).

Long live Revolutionary Democracy!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long live socialism!

Antonio Artuso
“L’Etoile du Nord”
French language edition of “Northstar Compass”,
Organ of the “Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People.”

From: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Revolutionary Democracy – Journal of Great International Significance

To publish a revolutionary magazine of high standards for 20 years is an achievement in itself. Publishing a Marxist-Leninist journal of world class and significance for two decades is indeed remarkable and a unique feat.

During these years Revolutionary Democracy has developed alongside the international Marxist-Leninist communist movement, today organized in the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations CIPOML/ ICMLPO, founded in 1994, and which has become an important part of the arsenal of the Conference.

From the date of its first publication in this time of momentary triumph of imperialism Revolutionary Democracy has carried out a vigorous defence of Marxism-Leninism and the historical practice of this vigorous and unconquered doctrine, the inspirer and guide of all genuine revolutionary change in the epoch of imperialism and revolutions, and the construction of socialism.

The printed journal and its regularly updated website carries continuously materials of the CIPOML and its member parties and other revolutionary organisations and sources, thus playing an important role in the diffusion of Marxist-Leninist theory and politics of today, not only in the English speaking countries, but all over the world.

Focusing on the experience of the first socialist state, the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, and basing itself also on new findings from the formerly unknown archives of that period, the journal has made and publishes original contributions to the understanding of this crucial time in the history of socialism and the struggle between revolution and counter revolution, between Marxism-Leninism and modern revisionism and all kinds of opportunism, also shedding new light on the history and development of the international communist movement of that time.

To this it must be added that the journal, and indeed this is one of its major functions, is an extensive forum for the discussion and treatment of the problems of the class struggles in India and the sub continent, serving the strengthening of the forces of revolution and their organisation. It constitutes a valid source of knowledge and global understanding of these problems, so vital to the development of the world wide struggle for socialism and revolution.

Revolutionary Democracy has thus become an extremely valuable asset in the struggle for a better future for mankind, for revolution and socialism.

On the occasion of its 20th Anniversary we salute the journal for its achievements so far, wishing it new successes and a well deserved wider global distribution and influence.

Klaus Riis
Editor Kommunistisk Politik
Workers’ Communist Party of Denmark APK
Copenhagen January 15th 2015.

From: Quito, Ecuador.

Dear Comrade,

For many years we have had the opportunity to know the magazine “Revolutionary Democracy” and felt that the ideas of Marxism- Leninism were being disseminated in India and other countries in Asia, and we welcome it.

The pages of “Revolutionary Democracy” express the voice of the working class and peoples, the Marxist Leninist positions; they are the guide to advance the organisation and struggle of the workers, an important contribution to the strengthening of the Marxist- Leninist political parties and organisations.

The important work of Comrade Vijay Singh in the publication of this journal is vital for its continuation and development. We express our greetings and wishes for new successes.

Central Committee,
Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador.

From Paris, France.

Revolutionary Democracy, the voice of the communists, Marxist Leninists, in India, for 20 years.

Dear comrade Vijay Singh

Dear comrades and friends of India

We want to convey you our warm and fraternal greetings on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Revolutionary Democracy.

In these troubled moments of wars, of severe competition of “all against all” organized worldwide by imperialism, of attacks against communism and even against any kind of progressive, democratic, thinking, it is always a refreshing moment to read “Revolutionary Democracy”.

This revue, issued in India, by courageous and true communists, brings us a precious point of view about the situation of the class struggle in your immense country. As such, it is yet a great contribution to the Marxist Leninist parties and organizations in the world. And by translating important documents of the Marxist Leninist movement, and through the international diffusion of your revue, you contribute to the propagation of the struggles of the Communists in your country and in many English speaking countries.

But it is more than that. Through the translation and publication of historical documents, especially those written by comrade Stalin, and other prominent communist leaders of the Communist Party of Soviet Union, of the Comintern, etc., documents that have not been published in English and other languages, you bring a huge contribution, internationally. It is a part of the ideological, political and historical struggle in favour of the propagation of Marxism Leninism and in the struggle against the different kinds of revisionism.

We have heard of the existence of your revue, several years ago. The first time; we entered in contact with you, it was in relation with the struggle of the workers of the Indian yards devoted to the demolition of old boats, full of poisonous elements. There are several French boats which have been sent to Allang and other places, because it would not have been “legal” to dismantle them in France. It is an example of the “social dumping” organized worldwide, especially in these times where neoliberal politics are imposed everywhere.

We asked you also to put us in contact with the comrades of Pakistan, knowing your internationalist links.

We had the joy to meet representatives of your revue during the International Conference of ml parties and organizations (ICMLPO) in Istanbul. The discussions we could held with them, have been moments of communist fraternity and of political unity. It is obvious that we need to continue in this way, for developing the international solidarity between the workers and the people of our countries.

Finally, we want to salute your engagement in the struggle for the unity of Marxist Leninists in India, for the construction of a true communist party.

Hail the 20th anniversary of “Revolutionary Democracy”

Hail Marxism Leninism

With our warmest greetings
The Central Committee of the Workers Communist Party of France and its central organ, La Forge.

From: Batumi, Georgia.

To the creative staff of the magazine “Revolutionary Democracy”

In the name of the Unified Communist Party of Georgia of the central and Adjarian regional committees, and the progressive part of the population, we congratulate you and the Indian working people, on the 20th anniversary of the magazine “Revolutionary Democracy”. We wish you success in your personal and social activities. Publications that give people in this very difficult economic and political crises - truly appropriate and objective information, including past and present events and processes around the world, which should enlighten and educate the community on the planet in order to bring peace, unity, brotherhood and freedom and to avoid the serious consequences that the world is in danger by the dark forces of reaction.

The Unified Communist Party, with other public organisations are grateful to brilliant members’ of the Indian scientist people: Comrade Vijay Singh - and Tripta Wahi’s visit to Georgia, in September last year. Their trip to Georgia and visit to the place where one of the greatest person of the last century, comrade Iosef Stalin was born and then engaged in revolutionary activities, in Gori, Tbilisi, Batumi and etc. who was one of the first Marxist, Communist, Revolutionist, and the faithful disciple of Lenin. In his lifetime, Stalin established Leninism, called it Marxism of the modern era, yes, that’s right, Leninism was Stalin era’s Marxism, but Stalinism is the Marxism-Leninism in our practical action. If Marxism produced Leninism, absorbed and developed Marxism-Leninism, it is logical and natural that the latter would give birth to an heir and then join it. Here there were two options: Trotskyism or Stalinism. Trotsky, still in his life ideologically rejected and fought against Lenin, Leninism, so it cannot be used as a successor. So Stalin chose Leninism, was loyal to him, defended it strongly and reinforced it with Marxism, therefore, Stalinism remains the sole heir of Marxism- Leninism.

Stalinism is the unity of Stalin’s moral, ideological, political, economic, military, diplomatic, social, scientific, and religious views. It is fully derived from Marxism-Leninism and its organic part, but in addition, it exists independently, for it is the tool of practical and creative operation.

Stalinism, first of all, is Stalin’s biography, his works, his holy spirit of the present and future era. It is the pulse of the great era.

The world capitalist system is doomed to collapse, it is remaining few years of its existence- this is the opinion of the bourgeois-economist thinkers.

If the current capitalist countries have to choose the path or the model of socialism, it depends on the people of these countries, their political tastes; however, it is Soviet-style Stalinist socialism, which is a brilliant reflection and imitation, which temporarily is halted by the enemies and traitors.

And once again we would like to thank the representatives of the Indian working people, scientists, Comrade Vijay Singh and Tripta Wahi, who expressed the desire to visit the birthplace of Stalin - Georgia. In the discussions with our Party and other representatives of the public, they gave us a lot of unknown information about Stalin and the time course of events, which will help us greatly in our subsequent theoretical work, for which we express our gratitude to them.

A Happy New 2015 Year, we wish you health and success in your personal and social activities.

Good wishes:

In the name of the Unified Communist Party of the Central and Regional Committees, the First Deputy Chairman of the UCP, First Secretary of the Regional Committee of the UCP –
Teimuraz Samnidze.

From Stuttgart, Germany.

To the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy”.

Dear comrades,

Since 20 years “Revolutionary Democracy” plays an important role in our common struggle as Marxist- Leninists against revisionism and opportunism. We know the journal “Revolutionary Democracy” since a long time and it was always a great help in our work for a Revolutionary Communist Workers Party in our country. “Revolutionary Democracy” is a voice of the workers, their struggle against capitalism and for a socialist society and of the oppressed peoples in the whole world.

We wish you great success in your important work.


Diethard Muller,
Organisation for the Building of a Communist Workers Party of Germany.

From: Athens, Greece.

Greetings to “Revolutionary Democracy”

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary (September 2014) of the journal “REVOLUTIONARY DEMOCRACY’ we wish you every success in continuing publishing of the journal for the correct orientation of the revolutionary working class and the Indian peoples in their struggle against capitalism and imperialism and we stand by this effort.

We consider "Revolutionary Democracy” an important magazine, because it studies and analyzes from the standpoint of revolutionary Marxism the economic and socio-political situation in India and worldwide.

Moreover because:

– It supports and stands in the struggles of the international proletariat and the various peoples against capitalism and imperialism,

– It is guided by revolutionary Marxism i.e. Leninism-Stalinism,

– It combats the traditional reactionary bourgeois ideology and the various counter-revolutionary currents (social democracy, revisionism, Trotskyism, anarchism, etc.),

– It defends Marxist positions on the questions of anti-imperialist- proletarian revolution and it has a Marxist conception of socialism- communism and its practical application-building in the Soviet Union (1917-1953) the Leninist- Stalinist period till the violent coup overthrowing of the dictatorship of the proletariat - after the death- murder of Joseph V. Stalin - from the treacherous anti-communist Khrushchevite group of Khrushchev-Brezhnev that restored capitalism in the Soviet Union - restoration that was completed in the mid 1960s.

– It defends, promotes and highlights the revolutionary traditions of the world proletariat and the international communist and workers’ movement of the Comintern-Cominform,

– It defends fighters and cultivates and promotes the proletarian internationalism

With revolutionary greetings,

Movement for the Reorganisation of the KKE 1918-1955
The Political Committee of the “Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-1955”.

From: London, Great Britain.

On behalf of the CPGB-ML I would like to offer Revolutionary Democracy our greetings on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and appreciation of its contribution to the anti-revisionist movement during that time.

Comradely Regards

Ella Rule,
International Secretary,
Communist Party of Britain (Marxist Leninist).

From: London, Great Britain.

Solidarity message from the New Communist Party of Britain:

It is now 20 years since the journal Revolutionary Democracy began to provide a new and valuable resource to the international Marxist-Leninist movement.

Throughout that time RD has proved itself to be a unique combination of invaluable reports on the people’s struggles in India, original translations from the Soviet archives of many important documents, especially relating to Stalin, articles and reports on political events and international meetings from around the globe, and revolutionary socialist poetry. Here in Britain RD is distributed in several major cities and has built up a devoted readership, and the NCP itself has contributed to promoting and distributing the journal. We know that the comrades who continue to write and publish RD face a constant battle to get the journal out, but we sincerely hope that RD will continue to play its part in the movement for many more years to come.

Andy Brooks,
General Secretary,
New Communist Party of Britain.

From: Iran.

Dear Comrades of the journal “Revolutionary Democracy”,

With fraternal internationalist solidarity, we convey our greetings to Indian Comrades on the 20th anniversary of the revolutionary presence of the journal “Revolutionary Democracy”. The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan) congratulates the editorial board and all those who are involved in the publication and distribution of the Journal.

“Revolutionary Democracy” is a high quality and impressive theoretical - political Marxist- Leninist journal that has covered a wide range of issues and topics of significant content. Besides publishing analytical articles dealing with domestic and international situations, “Revolutionary Democracy” has made a great contribution in the past twenty years to the international Marxist-Leninist communist movement by translating and republishing newer and older material and publications on the socialist period of the Soviet Union. Our Iranian Comrades have translated some of these publications into Farsi. In the past 20 years, the Journal has firmly defended the theoretical and political heritage of the international communist movement. The Party of Labour Iran (Toufan) praises the revolutionary work that is being carried out by our Indian Comrades.

Though the economic and political crises of today’s world have shown the parasitic nature of the capitalist system, the imperialist bourgeoisie continues to attack socialism and slander its architect in the USSR, Comrade Stalin. The wavering petty-bourgeois forces and elements in the “left” movement that could not resist the lies about Comrade Stalin refuted Marxism- Leninism and dictatorship of the proletariat. We, the Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), have declared that Comrade Stalin is a flag, that any political force that attack Stalin will have no option except taking the side of bourgeoisie and reaction.

For two decades, “Revolutionary Democracy” has defended Comrade Stalin and 30 years of socialism in the former USSR. Undoubtedly, the Indian Comrades will continue their revolutionary work and defend Marxism-Leninism.

Hail the 20th Anniversary of “Revolutionary Democracy”!

Long Live the Revolutionary Struggle of the Workers and Peasants of India!

Long Live the Solidarity between the Working People of Iran and India!

The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

From: Rome, Italy.

To the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy”

Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the publication of “Revolutionary Democracy”, we send you our hearty congratulations and our fraternal solidarity and support for the precious work that your theoretical and political journal is carrying out in order to defend Marxism-Leninism and fight revisionism in India and all over the world.

Your deep analyses and comments about the struggles of the working class and the anti-imperialist national liberation movements have been always of great value for us. Of great importance are also your historical researches and the publication of your archive materials.

We are glad, particularly, with your project of publishing the exchanges between the Bolshevik CPSU and the Communist Party of India, such as other documents of comrade Stalin not included in existing collections.

At the same time, we highlight the relevance of the presentation in your militant journal of documents of the existing International Communist Movement, that contribute to illuminate and develop the revolutionary march of the working class and the oppressed people.

With our best wishes of success and our communist greetings.

Communist Platform (Italy)

From: Mexico City, Mexico.

From Mexico We Salute the 20 Years of the Journal Revolutionary Democracy of India

Dear Comrades:

Amid the sharpening of the general crisis of the capitalist- imperialist system on a world scale, the deepening of the class struggle and the rise of the struggle of the working class and peoples of the world, we are very pleased that the revolutionaries of India are holding high the banners of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

We know that to keep up ongoing activity for 20 years to make possible the publication of a journal such as Revolutionary Democracy requires great conviction and a superhuman effort, it requires a strong and cohesive organization to contribute to the ideological struggle against all tendencies of revisionism, holding up Marxism-Leninism as the science of the proletarian revolution in India and worldwide.

Therefore, from Mexico, we join in this great celebration of 20 years of work; we also take the opportunity to greet the Revolutionary Democracy Organization of India, because it has not only concerned itself with maintaining the journal; today it is making great efforts to link itself with the concrete struggles of the working class and peoples of India. In particular we welcome the process of joining our International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), which undoubtedly will become the kernel for the reconstruction of the Communist International.

Besides these congratulations on the 20 years of the journal Revolutionary Democracy, we also salute the working class and peoples of India and all the readers and followers of the journal, and we call on them to further strengthen the tasks of proletarian internationalism, to further advance the class struggle, to contribute to the process of the building of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party that is needed in each of our countries to organize the conditions for the proletarian revolution, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and to push forward the building of socialism and communism as the only true alternative to the severe process of decomposition of the present system.

Long Live the 20th Anniversary of the Journal Revolutionary Democracy!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long Live the Proletariat and the Peoples of India!

With revolutionary greetings:

Workers of All Countries Unite!

Central Committee,
Communist Party of Mexico Marxist-Leninist
Mexico, Federal District

From: Oslo, Norway

Two Decades in the Service of Revolution and Democracy

Since 1995 and to date, the journal Revolutionary Democracy (RD) has proved itself a most valuable resource for revolutionaries and Marxist-Leninists worldwide. The supplementary online edition is becoming an essential digital library for anyone interested in knowledge based on the scientific method and world outlook of Marxism-Leninism.

It is noteworthy that what is probably the best English historical documentary source in regard to important political and economical aspects of the former socialist Soviet Union, is issued in India. Besides presenting historical documents and profound theoretical analysis, RD also offers other parts of the world insight in the specific problems facing the workers, peasantry and the revolutionary movement on the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, RD plays an important role in making the documents from the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist

Parties and Organisations available to a broader audience.

A great deal of time, talent, political commitment and endeavour is required to publish a regular journal of such standard. RD has appeared regularly throughout 20 years due to the indefatigable efforts of the editorial board, and especially those of the editor, Vijay Singh.

For this we are grateful, and have faith that RD will continue to educate and inspire the advancing forces of revolution and socialism for many years to come.

Norwegian Marxist-Leninist journal
J. R. Steinholt, editor.

From: Lahore, Pakistan.

It gives us great pleasure to write this message of solidarity for Revolutionary Democracy. This Journal has been instrumental in defending the socialist gains of the working class in the 20th century, especially in relation to the former Soviet Union, and exposing the class and social groups of opportunism that is referred to as modern revisionism in the Marxist lexicon. It is perhaps one of the rare journals that does not shy away from examining what went wrong with the Soviet Union without in any way succumbing to the theories about socialism put forward by the capitalist class.

It is quite surprising in fact that the vast majority of socialist and communist journalist and political parties, while focusing intently on the class struggle in their own countries, have not presented any coherent picture or analysis of one of the greatest advances by the working class in history, that is, the creation of the first socialist society. Perhaps the breakup of the Soviet Union has become somewhat of an embarrassment, a bad memory, that some think can be overcome by just examining, or looking at, or struggling for the very immediate class struggle. But I think this empiricist sort of approach to class politics, this reluctance to analyse and examine what went wrong with the Soviet Union, the reluctance to utilise the tools of Marxism-Leninism to dissect and learn from the mistakes of the past can never serve to strengthen the cause of the working class.

We congratulate Revolutionary Democracy for having consistently struggled against this refusal to learn the lessons of the past. We have greatly benefited from the research and scholarship presented in this journal, very often this research is not present anywhere else in the English language, and we feel that the work examining the role of opportunism and revisionism in the working-class movement as a whole, and in the Soviet Union more specifically, is vital to reviving the social struggle in the 21st century. We send a fraternal felicitation to the comrades of Revolutionary Democracy and we join them in expressing our own revolutionary aspirations for world free of exploitation.

Long live Marxism-Leninism

Long live the struggle for a classless society

In solidarity

Dr. Taimur Rahman
General Secretary
Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party

From: Lahore, Pakistan.

On the occasion of Revolutionary Democracy’s 20th Anniversary.

In 1991, the USSR was dissolved, the international media said “It is result of the policies of Comrade Josef Stalin and it was considered the debacle of Stalinism”. At that time the imperialist world was celebrating” the victory” and on the other side the followers of Mr. Khrushchev and Mr. Gorbachev were criticising Stalinism along with Leninism and Marxism too in a way that Marxism is no more implementable or practicable and that there is immense need of “new” definitions and interpretations of Marxism. It was strange that no one could not interpret in “modern” way and also could not prove the so called shortcomings of Leninism and Stalinism.

After the death of Comrade Stalin the revisionist leadership took the paths of “the deviation from Marxism”, they adversely converted the policies of Comrade Stalin, began to develop linkages with the imperialist world and side by side they ploughed the soil for the growth of imperialism and capitalism within the boundaries of USSR. The revisionist leadership took a lot of time to convert the revolutionary USSR into a capitalist country because the masses of the USSR and the world had noticed the fruits of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

The debacle of 1991, which was the result of the opportunist and revisionist polices of the leadership, raised so many questions for the true followers of Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism and the ideology of Enver Hoxha. At that time there was an enormous need to address and answer the questions of those who were trying to smash or corrupt history and historical facts.

During those days we were introduced to the half-yearly journal Revolutionary Democracy that was being published from Delhi, India. The editor Comrade Vijay Singh was busy addressing and answering the questions of the revisionists. At that time of disappointment and disillusion, the paper did the great job, played an efficient role to confront the anti-revolutionaries. At that time it was a breeze for the revolutionaries. Now the paper has accomplished 20 years of its continuous and effective publication even during difficult circumstances.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz congratulates Comrade Vijay Singh, his team and other contributing comrades, recognises their struggle and role to disseminate the true ideology of Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism along with the true historical facts and wishing and hoping for the best for future.


Shaukat Ali Chaudhry,
Secretary General,
Pakistan Mazdoor Mahaaz.

From: Lahore, Pakistan

Mr. Vijay Singh,
The Editor of Revolutionary Democracy,

Dear Professor,

It is matter of great pleasure to know that the “Revolutionary Democracy” journal has successfully completed 20 years of existence. Congratulations, to you and your team at this historical moment.

Not only in India but in Pakistan as well the journal has its numerous readers. I have observed that Marxist-Leninists in the country consider the journal a very reliable source of information and frequently quote it in their speeches and works. I have observed in my circle that the people who are continuously reading the journal the quality of their writings as well as their way to back-up their arguments using proper referencing is continuously improving and in a country like Pakistan where literacy level among the population is not very striking this is a very progressive trend.

Your work-in-progress concerning the publishing of the exchanges between the CPSU led by J.V. Stalin and the Communist Party of India is of special interest to us as it helps us to understand the historical roots of the communist movement in Pakistan and to see the causes of its disorder after the 20th Congress of CPSU.

Being a representative of the Stalin Society Pakistan, that is an progressive educational association formed to counter anti-Stalin propaganda through research, advocacy and other peaceful means, I would like to say that the Pakistani progressive academia, in general, and the Society, in particular, is indebted to the “Revolutionary Democracy” for helping us in getting access to some of the interesting Soviet archives and other previously unpublished material concerning J. V. Stalin and his government. We are also working on a project to identify such materials and getting them translated into Urdu and other local languages to make them more accessible to the people. Other than this, we are working to republish some of the important historical works from your journal, in a phased manner, in our periodical the “Left Progressive Review”, for our readers.

Once again congratulations and we hope “Revolutionary Democracy” will continue carrying the great work it is doing since last 20 years selflessly and honestly.

Best Regards,

Saad Yousaf Aahni
The Chair of the Stalin Society of Pakistan,

From: Lima, Peru.

Greetings to “Revolutionary Democracy”

Dear Comrades:

Receive our revolutionary greetings from the Peruvian Communist Party Marxist Leninist and its central organ “Red Flag.”

With deep revolutionary satisfaction we begin this communication with the distinguished Marxist-Leninist comrades of India.

Our Party, founded by Jose Carlos Mariategui in 1928, was part of the Third, Communist International. During its 87 years of its existence it has gone through difficulties but we have been able to maintain its revolutionary force, confronting the opportunist currents such as Maoism and Trotskyism, which infiltrated in an attempt to destroy it under the orders of the class enemy. We suffered the most aggressive attempt in the 1980s when the Maoists of “Shining Path” were expelled from the party as their infiltration and anti-party action was detected. They allied themselves with the drug traffickers sponsored by the CIA and managed to kill dozens of our best party cadres and more than 50,000 Peruvians in alliance with the armed forces of the state. They committed more than one hundred thousand crimes against workers, peasants, students and teachers, putting the Peruvian people at the mercy of imperialism. They caused the flight of millions of peasants who took refuge in cities such as Lima, Arequipa, Puno and Tacna, leaving the communal lands at the mercy of the mining companies. In this context, imperialism carried out the coup of April 5, 1992, with the satrap Fujimori at its head, imposing by fire and sword the constitution and concessions, dividing the whole territory of Peru and its natural resources in favor of the imperialist powers. Our glorious Party, firmly taking Marxism-Leninism, is managing to rebuild the organisation and reorganise the masses to confront the neo-colonial, sellout and looting policy currently continued by the military mining government of Ollanta Humala.

We hope to continue our conversations and that “Revolutionary Democracy” will continue to fulfill the role of revolutionary political orientation and organisation of the class of the thousand-year-old people of India.

Congratulations and embraces for your editor Vijay Singh

With revolutionary greetings:


From: Wroclaw, Poland.

Dear Comrade Vijay Singh, Editor,

Dear Comrades of the Redaction of “Revolutionary Democracy”,

Many revolutionary and communist greetings and wishes from Wroclaw, Poland, from Professor Zbigniew Wiktor and the Communist Party of Poland (CPP).

Many thanks for sending me since many years issues of “Revolutionary Democracy”. It gives me much information about the Indian Communist movement, about the hard life of Indian working people and their struggle against capitalism and for the revolutionary democracy and socialism in India. Once more many thanks and for you -great congratulations!

In September 2014 the Journal “Revolutionary Democracy” completed 20 years of existence. It is the journal which has attempted to analyse the Indian economy and politics. It has supported the movements of the working class and working people internationally as well as the anti-imperialist national liberation movements across the globe. “Revolutionary Democracy” played and plays the important role in the critique of a revisionism and opportunism in the Indian and international communist movement and in struggle for scientific socialism and communism and not just in India.

For us in Poland the contents of every single issue of “Revolutionary Democracy” is very interesting, it is theoretically very different, rich and deep for the lecturers, political leaders, intellectuals and members of communist parties not only in India, also in whole world, in many continents and states.

The contents of “Revolutionary Democracy” demonstrate the deep historical studies, articles, records, commentaries and opinions about the history of international communist movement, especially of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviki) and comrade J.V. Stalin, of the Communist Party of China and comrade Mao Zedong, of the Communist International, the letters of leaders, the struggle against opportunism, revisionism and counter-revolution in many communist parties, especially since the time of N. Khrushchev, the ideological and political role of traitor M. Gorbachev. The other part of the contents are information about the activity of many communist and working parties in India, Asia, Africa and Latin America. This section is very informative and a rich source for the contemporary analyses of the international communist movement and its struggle against imperialism, danger of wars, for the peace, against the brutal capitalism and for the national independence, socialist revolution and for the socialism. It is very important for the international united cooperation in the time, when there exists no Communist International.

Dear Comrade Vijay Singh, Dear “Revolutionary Democracy”,

For us in Poland the “Revolutionary Democracy” takes a very inspirational role not only in its publishing activity, which is important for the Indian revolutionary communist movement, but also it is very important for the international communist movement. We support your redactional, theoretical and political activity. The contents of “Revolutionary Democracy” are a great contribution to an understanding of our historical and contemporary relations, it is a good basis for the cooperation of both parties.

Long live “Revolutionary Democracy”, its Editor and Collective,

Long Live the Indian Communist movement,

Long Live proletarian internationalism,

Long live the cooperation between the Communist Party of Poland (CPP) and the Indian Communist Movement!

Yours fraternally

Prof. Zbigniew Wiktor (in the name of KPP).
Poland – Wroclaw.

From: Leningrad, Russia.

September 2014 is the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Indian journal “Revolutionary Democracy”.

The Editorial Board of the Russian newspaper “Proletarskaya gazeta” and the United Workers Trade-Union “Zaschita” (“Defence”) by its representatives for about 15 years closely cooperates with the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy”. Especially valuable is the circumstance that the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy” often publishes archival documents of the period of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the USSR and rare archival documents on the activities of the Bolshevik Party of the Stalin period with the Editorial Board’s commentaries. It allowed us to better understand the causes of the counter-revolution of the 1950s and the establishment of the domination of revisionism in the ranks of the International Communist Movement.

Not less valuable is the circumstance that the journal “Revolutionary Democracy” not only publishes articles about the processes that take place in the economics the state of the oppressed masses and their struggle for their rights, about conditions of the Communist and the Workers Movement in India, but also about the problems of the contemporary International Communist and Workers Movement. The Communist and Workers Movement in India and in Russia have many identical outlines and problems.

Our Editorial Boards not only exchange information and publications but also exchange by opinions on the most important problems at the meetings of their representatives and at the international forums, especially on the territory of Turkey.

The Editorial Board of “Proletarskaya gazeta” declares its solidarity with the Editorial Board of the Journal “Revolutionary Democracy” and expresses its gratitude for its help to the International Workers and Communist Movement in the problems of the theory and practice of the class struggle.

On the commission of the Editorial Board of “Proletarskaya gazeta”

Dmitry Pirozhkov
Representative of the Trans-regional United Workers Trade-Union of Russia “Zaschita” (“Defence”)
Anatoly Pyzhov

From: Gothenburg, Sweden.

To Revolutionary Democracy magazine

On the occasion that “Revolutionary Democracy” has existed for 20 years, we from the Communist Party, Sweden convey our fraternal greetings to the Comrades that work on and with the important magazine.

The magazine is an important source for revolutionaries that contains both documents as well as contemporary analytical material. We wish you continued successes in your work with Revolutionary Democracy.

Gothenburg, Sweden
Patrik Paulov, International Secretary and international editor of the weekly Proletaren,
Erik Anderson, Member of International Board of Politburo.

From: Tunis, Tunisia

The comrades of the Editorial Board of “Revolutionary Democracy”

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the publication of this militant magazine, the Central Committee of the Party of Tunisian Workers is pleased to send you warm congratulations for the work you are doing tirelessly.

Your review has been for us and for all the sister parties worldwide a precious tool that allowed us to raise our voice in the strongest moments of repression. It enables us to keep in touch with our comrades who are fighting for the same ideals in all points of the planet.

Your research on the history of the international communist movement has allowed many of us to learn about many precious documents that illuminate our path and our struggle for revolution and socialism.

At the end of this message we can only wish a long life to “Revolutionary Democracy” and express our sincere and fraternal encouragement to our comrades who watch over her.

Labidi Mortadha
For the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Tunisia.

From: Istanbul, Turkey.

To the Editors of the Revolutionary Democracy,

Dear Comrades,

We had welcomed the publication of your Journal 20 years ago. Revolutionary Democracy published valuable articles and essays in the last 20 years that we have all benefitted from.

It was again, your journal that united readers with documents and statements of the International Communist Movement (CIPOML), playing an important role in spreading the messages of the Communist movement.

We also benefitted immensely from your research on USSR and Stalin.

We feel indebted to thank you for the publication of our Party’s various statements and documentation on your pages.

Dear Comrades,

Your Journal is the same age as the International Communist Movement. Today ICMLPO is stronger and more organised than 20 years ago. The decisions taken in the November meeting in Turkey this year will give impetus to the Communist Movement.

We believe that your Journal’s important contribution to this movement will continue as it has done so till today.

To many 20 years together.

Long live Revolutionary Democracy,

Labour Party (EMEP),

From: United States of America

Greetings on the 20th Anniversary of Revolutionary Democracy

Simply stated: Revolutionary Democracy is the finest Marxist-Leninist journal in the world today. For two decades Revolutionary Democracy has been in the forefront of the drive to rebuild the International Communist Movement on a sound ideological basis, free of all defeatist, collaborationist, and revisionist trends. Its articles are thoroughly researched, well-written, and thought-provoking. Its editorial policy solidly Marxist-Leninist. It is no exaggeration to say that Revolutionary Democracy has inspired and guided an entire generation of young revolutionaries; while, at the same time, granting veteran comrades fresh ammunition for their armories.’

Twenty years of Revolutionary Democracy.

We say “twenty more!” and heartily salute all the comrades over the years that made Revolutionary Democracy what is — the cutting edge of the anti-revisionist struggle.

For the Central Committee of the American Party of Labor
Alfonso Casal,
National Spokesperson.

From: United States of America

Greetings from the PCUSA on the Occasion of your XXth year of publication.

Comrades, we at the Party of Communists USA salute you on the occasion of your XXth year of publication of the journal Revolutionary Democracy. We in the United States appreciate the significance of the success of RD. The history that we find there and the information you provide is of tremendous value to the world communist movement. We wish you many more years of success and look forward to our continued friendship.

With warm fraternal and comradely regards,

Joseph F. Hancock
International Department,
Party of Communists USA.

From: United States of America

Congratulations to Revolutionary Democracy on Its 20th Anniversary

For the past twenty years, the journal Revolutionary Democracy has been at the forefront of Stalin- era research. During that time, it has produced a tremendous body of work critically examining and evaluating all aspects of the Soviet experience and the experience of the World Communist Movement. The efforts of the editors, staff, and contributors of Revolutionary Democracy have been invaluable to on-going struggle to uncover the historical truth of the achievements of the world’s first socialist society, and to reaffirm the original and correct verdict of Joseph Stalin as one of the giants of the 20th century and one of the leading figures in the history of progressive humankind.

We, at the Stalin Society of North America, salute the comrades of Revolutionary Democracy on the occasion of its 20th anniversary; and we are certain that the next twenty years will be crowned with the same success that has made it one of the premier Marxist-Leninist journals in the world today.

Stalin Society of North America

From: Caracas, Venezuela.

Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the PCMLV sends its greetings message to Revolutionary Democracy on its 20th year of publication.

Revolutionary Democracy is very important for the information and communicational activity of our parties. Our CC is in solidarity with your work and effort.


Central Committee,
Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Venezuela.

From: Spain and ex-Yugoslavia

Dear comrades at Revolutionary Democracy,

20 years in human age is enough to make a person a mature adult. The role of “Revolutionary Democracy” is however bigger than that. I have started reading it as a youth and it has been a decisive factor in my political formation, providing a unique theoretical basis in the science of Marxism-Leninism. Over the past two decades, RD is a journal I grew up with, matured with and I hope to enjoy my old age with. I wish you a happy 20th anniversary of the publication and that over the decades to come, your journal helps the spreading of the idea of worker’s democracy and brings young and old on to the way of revolutionary struggle in the spirit of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.

In solidarity,

Nemanja Lukic.

From: Kolkata, West Bengal.

To The Editor, Revolutionary Democracy

Dear Comrade,

I consider a privilege to send a message of greetings to Revolutionary Democracy on the occasion of completion of 20 years of its publication.

Revolutionary Democracy has consistently upheld the cause of democracy, national liberation and socialism.. Through this magazine, activists like us working in distant villages, mines and forests come to know about events and developments in the world.

It has served a great purpose by publishing the documents of the world communist movement and particularly the documents of the Stalin era.

We hope Revolutionary Democracy will continue to serve the cause of the working class, the peasantry and the people fighting for national liberation.

Yours comradely,

Santosh Rana,
General Secretary,
Provisional Central Committee,

From: Kolkata, West Bengal.

Dear Com. Vijay Singh,

For twenty years REVOLUTIONARY DEMOCRACY played an historical role in publishing historical documents which helps us immensely. R.D. brought out several unpublished documents on Stalin and the minutes of discussion between Soviet C.P. and the delegation of C P I in 1951. This helped the Indian communists to assess the history of Indian communist movement. R. D. played also active role in propagating Marxist Leninist politics among the workers and peasants. It has also defended communist principles and struggled against revisionism and anarchism.

On the completion of 20 years I congratulate the Editorial Board in general and you as particular for this splendid work. I express my full solidarity and assure all possible help to R.D.

With Revolutionary Greetings

Subodh Mitra,
Member, Central Committee,

From: Delhi.

On the occasion of completing twenty years of Revolutionary Democracy, Liberation extends warm revolutionary greetings to the entire RD editorial team. The journal offers a rare and very necessary admixture of archival material from the international communist movement, as well as reflections on contemporary questions of Indian politics and political economy, from a revolutionary perspective.

In particular, the regular write-ups on India’s agrarian economy and the impact of liberalization have been very rewarding. RD is also one of the journals to have extensively covered the many instances of state terror, draconian laws and fake encounters.

In India and internationally, the communist movement is faced with an exacting and challenging situation. We are confident that Revolutionary Democracy’s courage and commitment will keep it going with the same energy and dedication, for many decades to come!


Dipankar Bhattcharya,
Editor-in-Chief, Liberation, central organ of the CPI(ML) Liberation

From: New Delhi.

To the Editor,
Revolutionary Democracy,

Revolutionary Democracy which has completed 20 years of publication in September 2014 has served the working class and progressive people of India. It has painstakingly combated the anti­communist propaganda directed against the great teacher of world proletariat Com. Stalin and socialist construction in the erstwhile Soviet Union under his leadership. This work was particularly of big significance in the period when imperialists and reactionaries the world over have been conducting a virulent campaign against revolutionary Marxism, socialism and working class movement. Revolutionary Democracy has published authentic documents from the history outlining Com. Stalin’s contribution in defending and developing Marxism-Leninism, leading socialist construction in the then Soviet Union and providing invaluable guidance to the international working class movement and communist parties in different countries.

New Democracy expresses its solidarity with Revolutionary Democracy, its editor and others associated with its publication, in their endeavour which has been of much service in combating the vile anti-communist campaign of imperialists and reactionaries and has thereby served the cause of liberating India from the rule of reactionary ruling classes serving the imperialists.

New Democracy expresses its fervent wish for Revolutionary Democracy to continue to play its role we have referred above.

With Greetings,

Y.S. Rao
Editor, New Democracy.

From: New Delhi.

To the Editor,

On the occasion of Revolutionary Democracy completing 20 years of its publication, we extend hearty congratulations to it. These are days when the Marxist-Leninists have to strive hard to develop the ideological political line according to the vast changes taking place and to become partisan in building a powerful communist party in each country to overthrow imperialism and its lackeys of all hues. Though we may have differences on various questions, we appreciate the tenacity with which the journal was regularly published and the hard work done to make many documents available to the readers, even translating many of them from their Russian manuscripts.

K.N. Ramachandran,
General Secretary, CPI (ML) Red Star

From: Delhi.

Dear Editor,
Revolutionary Democracy.

I am conveying my hearty congratulation to you, on the occasion of the completion of 20 years of the publication of ‘Revolutionary Democracy’.

It is really a matter of learning for me and the revolutionary- democratic forces of the country that you have succeeded to continue the magazine during those troublesome years, when the people of India have been facing great challenges from imperialism and the pro-capitalist/ imperialist neo-liberal policies of the state.

I want to acknowledge to you that I have been reading most of the articles of your magazine, when received from you and other sources during those years of turmoil.

The Indian working class, peasantry and other exploited sections of the masses are fighting for revolutionary democracy since a long time. There have been ups and downs in the people’s movements - sometimes advancing and other time facing stagnation or retreating. In our country the ‘revolutionary situation’ has always been there, but the leadership of different communist revolutionary parties and groups have failed to utilise the favourable situation, and take up the movement to the advanced offensive stage.

There are severe ideological, political and strategical-tactical differences among them, and no conscious effort and correct method are being adopted to resolve these differences. So, serious losses are going on and the overall democratic- revolutionary movements are facing setback.

In the prevailing situation of the Indian democratic-revolutionary movements, the role of ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ becomes very-very significant.

It is good that your magazine has been defending the historical contribution of Joseph Stalin, along with Marx, Engels and Lenin, when several parties and groups are criticizing Stalin for creating a ‘dictatorial state’ in Soviet Russia. In the same manner some communist revolutionary parties and groups are raising questions on the contribution of Mao Tse Tung in Chinese and world revolution.

‘Revolutionary Democracy’ should also bring the positive role of Mao to the notice of its readers, so that the Indian communist revolutionaries could learn well from the experiences of Chinese Revolution. It should also publish some valuable materials from the archives of the International Communist Movement, which could be helpful in resolving the ideological, political and strategical- tactical differences of the Indian communist revolutionaries. The resolution of these differences is primary to build a real united Communist Party, and also to advance the revolutionary movements of India towards the final victory.

Arjun Prasad Singh,
People’s Democratic Front of India.

From: Ludhiana.

Message to Revolutionary Democracy

I, on behalf of the Central Committee of Marxist Communist Party of India (United) i.e. MCPI (U), extend revolutionary greetings to the Editorial Board of Revolutionary Democracy on its successful completion of 20 years since its inception. ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ is a powerful source of revolutionary ideas spreading the vision of Marxism-Leninism at a time when the revolutionary movement as a whole is facing severe crisis throughout the world. It helps in exposing the vices and crisis of the capitalist system leading to the exploitation of downtrodden people and working class. Besides touching on current National and International economic & political issues, Revolutionary Democracy also relates to the historical legacy of the revolutionary communist movement and progressive struggles of the world. The Editor of Revolutionary Democracy takes unbearable pains to go through the classified documents and provide valuable knowledge to its readers, not available in any other magazines and inspires the present generations. We hope that it will continue to perform its revolutionary duty towards enlightening the coming generations also. Let this magazine advance step by step towards its goal of achieving new heights in awakening the working class, middle sections of society and the intelligentsia.

With Revolutionary Greetings,
Comradely Yours,

Kuldip Singh,
General Secretary,

From: Kerala.

Revolutionary Democracy gives hindsight to the history of the Communist movement in our country and the world. It searches out old, forgotten and unnoticed documents of the past, so as to have a reappraisal of our understanding. It provides us a real picture of the present day revolutionary movements all over the world. It brings out the new revolutionary surges outside the official Communist parties. It helps us to identify the correct path forward. Warm greetings to Revolutionary Democracy and to those who are behind it for the yeoman service to the working class movement, at this happy occasion of its 20th anniversary.

M. Rajan,
Marxist Communist Party of India (United), Kerala.

From: Mumbai.

Our congratulations to Revolutionary Democracy on having completed 20 years. It is a rich journal, with a wide range of materials: topical articles, struggle reports, political statements, poetry, and archival materials of both the international and Indian communist movements. On our part, while all these are of interest, what makes Revolutionary Democracy particularly useful is its rich archival materials, which are not accessible anywhere else. Some of these, such as the exchanges between the CPSU and the CPI in 1951, have shed important new light on a crucial chapter of Indian history. The website of the journal is a resource for all those who share this cause.

While Revolutionary Democracy is polemical, and at times one may not agree with its stands, they need to be taken seriously, and even those who contend with them would find them enriching and serious. We wish the journal a long life and wide circulation.

With fraternal greetings,

Rajani X. Desai,
for Aspects of India’s Economy.

From: Kolkata.

Congratulations to Revolutionary Democracy for completing two decades of existence. Looking forward to vibrant debates and discussions on the future of the Indian Left movement in its pages in the days to come.

Prasenjit Bose,
(economist and activist).

From: Cochin, Kerala.

Dear Com. Vijay Singh,

It is heartening to note that the journal Revolutionary Democracy has completed 20 years of existence. It is also the same period in which globalization intensified and when the economic-political and cultural bond of capitalism intensively tightened globally. This was the aftermath of collapse of the socialist states of the USSR and a setback to the scientific experiment of social revolution applying Marxism- Leninism globally to the specific conditions of each and every state and the people world over.

The sudden darkness and helplessness that followed was a great shock to millions of people who were pinning their hopes for a better change in the world assuring democracy and equality.

It is Revolutionary Democracy which served as an unending bridge of the alternative route that provided light, direction, guidance, confidence and understanding.

The archival documents of Communist Movements are an immense help to learn about the past and to look forward for the future with confidence. Equally important is to know what is happening globally for the fight against capitalism and its dubious and treacherous exploitation of the weaker section working class peasantry and marginalized people all over. The resistance of people and the new unity is developing in various parts of Europe, Latin America and other continents.

The reports of such developments have to be consolidated and exchanged through Revolutionary Democracy. For this historic role of the time I warmly salute Vijay Singh and other comrades for their commitment and hard work and request that they continue this with more vigour and vitality in coming days.

I also request you comrades, to take the lead to unite various left groups and parties and left minded comrades in the country to come forward to form a Revolutionary Democratic platform to unite and lead the people of this country. We are facing now the duel challenge of the fascist forces and corporate-led imperialist neo-colonial forces. The united left leadership has to challenge this situation by uniting the toiling people, the intelligentsia and other democratic forces.

With warm regards,

Appukuttan Vallikunnu.

The Editor,
Revolutionary Democracy,

Dear Comrade,

Our felicitations to your journal on the completion of 20 years of publication. Your journal is avidly read in revolutionary intellectual circles for the rare documents that you bring out. They have gone a long way in clearing the atmosphere regarding many grey areas of the international communist movement. Your defence of Stalin is commendable.

I have been associated with you in a way as someone whose articles have been printed and reprinted in your journal.

We wish your journal all success. Keep up the endeavour.

With revolutionary greetings,

Sunil Sen.

From: Indore.

RD has been among very few of the journals which have never lost track of the path shown by Marxism. It has not only served the important purpose of replying to those who were celebrating defeat of Socialism but has also connected the worldwide struggles of the toiling masses.

Last few years created a great deal of confusion in people’s mind whether the change is required within the system or the system itself needs to be changed. In such situations RD has consistently been carrying forward the debates of the past relevant for today and for the future.

The undeterred might of standing behind the idea of Socialism was a difficult path. This is especially so in Asia where the light of experiments of 21st century socialism in Latin America has barely reached. But RD has been consistently holding the flag high. It did not deviate when attacks on Socialism are coming from all camps and quarters, sometimes also from within. We congratulate RD for its stand and express our solidarity in the struggle to achieve the goal of Socialism.

Long Live Socialism.

Sandarbh Collective, Indore.

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