Statement of Communist, Left-Wing and Patriotic Left Forces of Russia on the Situation in the Ukraine

A long-term politics of the Ukrainian bourgeois government, as well as the economic crisis, created unbearable life conditions for most of the citizens of the country. During the last six months Yanukovich’s regime promised to solve a substantial part of the economic problems by means of European integration. A sudden rejection of declared plans provoked mass discontent and protests. This process was of a classless and mostly grassroots character. Those most prepared for it appeared to be the nationalist movements used by the liberal opposition as a street impact force. That’s why the protest acquired anti-communist and even fascist features.

The forces purporting to take power like Yanukovich’s bureaucratic apparatus are unable to meet the people’s needs and won’t be able to solve the issues of the day. Western and Russian imperialism feel no sympathy towards Ukrainian citizens and will just use the situation in its favour, i.e. they will try to have their financial benefit and – in the case with the West – will try to create chaos on the borders of Russia. All these forces are interested in inciting the fraternal nations against each other and will be doing it either secretly or openly.

Anti-communist and anti-Russian hysteria, outrage on our mutual Soviet past – these are the main features of the nationalist state that is being formed now. The information about the demolition of communist and left parties’ headquarters, about beating common communists and work activists, the demolitions of Lenin’s monuments clearly show that the fascist revanche being traced in the Baltic and European countries has already engulfed the Ukraine, Russia’s fraternal country.

We, the undersigned left-wing activists, communists and anarchists of Russia, declare our protest and demand to stop the persecution of our comrades! We call upon all of the citizens of the Ukraine to express a distrust of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada using any available information resources, to organise communities on a residence and in the labour collectives to create self-defence groups, institutions of self-governing and reliable mechanisms of popular will. We call upon the citizens of Russia who are ready to take a direct part in helping the Ukrainian people, to contact the Anti-fascist Headquarters of the assistance to the Ukraine.

We call upon the communist and left-wing parties and the anti-fascist organisations of the world to pressure their governments to prevent the establishing of a fascist regime in the Ukraine!

Workers of the world, unite!

Inter-Regional Union of Communists
Moscow Communist Union
Russian Communist Workers Party-CPSU (RCWP-CPSU)
Workers Academy Fund
Revolutionary Workers Party
Communard Movement
New Left
Youth Communist Union Left Front
Russian Communist Youth Union
The Other Russia
Labour Russia
Autonomous Action Party (social-revolutionary)
Institute of Globalisation and Social Movements
Referendum Initiative Group
“For Responsible Power”
Vanguard Red Youth – Labour Russia (partial backing)
Innovation Development Institute
New Political System Fund
“Kolomensky kust”
All-Union Communist Party Bolsheviks


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