Condolence Message

Iris Mary Jessie Cremer, 1943-2014

Stalin Society,
United Kingdom.

Dear Comrades,

It was with great sadness that members of the Stalin Society, India, learnt of the death of Comrade Iris Cremer. Those who have known her are aware of the years of work that she put into the Stalin Society in the UK as she did in her other revolutionary activities in the labour movement, the women’s movement, and on the anti-racist front. From organising the meetings, gently persuading reluctant speakers to come forward, sending out notices, arranging the literature stall of the society to chairing the meetings, she was very much the bedrock and the heart and soul of the Stalin Society. The work of the Stalin Society has been of pivotal importance in upholding the red flag of socialism and patiently answering the anti-Soviet mendacities of world imperialism which have sought to blacken the revolutionary heritage of the international working class. We extend our heartfelt condolences to her comrades and family knowing that they will continue the struggle for the common cause.

With Red Salutes

Dr. Kari Kalan, Convener
Stalin Society, India

22nd April 2014

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